Parish Life

Release of In a Different Voice: Music by Women Composers

By: Jonathan Ryan

Christ Church Cranbrook has a rich, beautiful history of not only music and the arts but also lifting up women. The rear window in the church, often called The Women’s Window, features some 60 women from the

The Importance of Morning Prayer

By Laura MacNewman

Beginning next week and continuing through August, in-person morning prayer is returning to Christ Church Cranbrook weekdays from 8 AM to 8:30 AM in St. Paul’s Chapel. Beginners welcome! [View in-person morning prayer event

We have a new “Pit Crew” at CCC!

By Chris Harris

This Christmas season we will be welcoming thousands of our neighbors to Christ Church Cranbrook – many for the very first time! To help make our visitors feel right at home, we’ve launched

What’s New WITH Women’s Spirituality Group

By: Linda Ban

Open-minded • Intellectually curious • Loving, inclusive women seeking to refine their faith and become closer to God

These are but a few of the words members use to describe the Women’s Spirituality Group (WSG)

St. Dunstan’s Organ Celebrations

By Christopher Wells, Joe Balistreri, and Christa Albrecht

We celebrated the wonderful new organ in St. Dunstan’s last week and weekend. We give thanks to Simon Couture, Alain Goneau, Jens Peterson, and the entire crew at Casavant for their craftsmanship and

Moving Day with the Mirzas

By Frances Hammond

Moving day with the Mirzas was an amazing operation that speaks to the planning, expertise, strength, commitment, and love of the CCC family who miraculously acquired, delivered, and installed the necessary furniture and household goods for a

What Is Shrove Tuesday & Ash Wednesday?

By The Rev.’s Manisha Dostert and Chris Harris

Part of the Christian life is practicing the rituals of our faith. “Shrove Tuesday” is the name given to the day before Ash Wednesday, the beginning

What’s Your “30-Second Gospel?”

This weekend Fr. Chris asked us to consider what the Good News of God in Christ means for each of us in our life – and then share it with someone.  (You can catch the sermon, “What

Practicing Gratitude

By Lynda Hojnacki

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the recent “Thrive” series, and particularly the segment on the role that Gratitude plays in our ability to thrive. The idea of daily thanksgivings such as a ‘Gratitude

The Difference A Backpack Can Make

Christ Church Cranbrook gave 100 backpacks to Community Housing Network in Troy!

Here is what they said:
“Community Housing Network cannot thank you all enough for the difference you’ve made in the lives of these children and families! With everything going