Parish Life

Kids and Teen Summer Programs

By Kids & Teen Ministries

Dearest Church Family,

We are thrilled to bring you news from the Kids and Teens of Christ Church Cranbrook! 

Our ministry to our children and youth is unique because it continues through the summer months as we

2019 ~ The Year of Pontiac

By Peggy K. Goodwin

At a celebration hosted by All Saints Episcopal Church, the Mission and Outreach Committee of Christ Church Cranbrook declared 2019 “The Year of Pontiac” and selected five key non-profit organizations to become their major partners for

Spiritual Autobiography Begins March 13

By The Rev Chris Harris

I will never forget what a long -time member of the church said to me after I invited her to the adult formation series we call, “Spiritual Autobiography.”  She shook her head and said,

The Diakonia of All People

Written by The Reverend Anthony Estes, Deacon
Director of Digital Communications
A few years ago, I attended a Diaconal ordination for the first time. The preacher, a bishop, said something in his homily that I have carried in my heart from

Refrigerator Rights: Belonging in the Body of Christ

By The Reverend Chris Harris, Associate Rector

The theme of our stewardship campaign this year is Being the Body of Christ and it draws upon Saint Paul’s great metaphor for the church.  As the Body of Christ,

Being the Body of Christ

By The Reverend Canon Dr. William J. Danaher, Jr., Rector

This past Monday, I stopped for a moment to say the follow prayer assigned to Labor Day: Almighty God, you have so linked our lives one with another that

Who are we calling?

By Anthony Estes

On Saturday, June 9 at The Cathedral Church of St. Paul, God willed and the People consented, and The Right Reverend Wendell N. Gibbs, Jr. by Divine Providence, Tenth Bishop of Michigan, ordained Kristin Elaine Bowen to

The Guild Hall Cabinet Committee presents: Misericords — Humor and satire at CCC

By the Guild Hall Cabinet Committee

When describing churches like Christ Church Cranbrook, we use the terms “beautiful, majestic, awe- inspiring.” We don’t often use terms like humorous. But our church, like many of the Gothic

Learning the language of healing: On the Holy Spirit and Pentecost

By The Reverend Canon Dr.  William J. Danaher, Jr

Scott Hocking creates massive, moving structures in unexpected places that invite meditation. Among his recent work, one of my favorites, is called Babel, which was displayed in

Why I will attend the “Lamentation for the Forsaken” opening, Rector’s Forum, Pentecost Project and In-house Retreat on Spirit and Creation (and maybe you will, too)

By The Rev. Manisha Dostert

Last weekend, I was at church all weekend long. From Friday night to Sunday night, I participated in at least seven different events including a 5th grade lock-in, three worship services and two