Parish Life

Prayer for Rosh Hashanah

By Rev. William J. Danaher Jr., Rector

Prayer for Temple Beth El

Rosh Hashanah

September 6, 2021

Watch the prayer online here.

About the High Holy Days:

The ten days that begin with Rosh Hashanah and end with Yom Kippur mark

Haiti Earthquake Response Update

By Rev. William J. Danaher Jr., Rector

I am so grateful and blessed to give you an important update on our critical response to the suffering happening in Haiti. As I mentioned last week, I was contacted by a friend

Are You Surviving Or THRIVING? (Part 1)

By Rev. Chris Harris, Associate Rector

According to Dr. Randal Bell in his book Post-Traumatic Thriving, when a traumatic event hits — such as a pandemic, it can either

Pancakes that “Come back at ya”

By Rev. Chris Harris, Associate Rector

In a recent sermon, I mentioned how certain foods such as a family recipe can bring us back in the same way a song might — and trigger precious memories, even make

Pass It On

By Amy Graham


It only takes a spark

To get a fire going

And soon all those around

Can warm up in its glowing

That’s how it is with God’s love

Once you’ve

Movie Nights: Reflections on Community

By Barry Lawler,  parishioner

What are your early memories of favorite Movie experiences? Were you sitting on the ground at a youth camp or peering over your mother’s shoulder at a drive-in movie theater? Was it your first date with

Our Flower Guild is joining the Atlanta Cathedral Flower Festival… Virtually!!!

By Joe LaVela

For the last several years, Atlanta’s Cathedral of St. Philip has held an Antiques Show and Flower Festival, in which local garden clubs and churches decorate different parts of the cathedral as a charity fundraiser. 

To All of You

By Christa Albrecht

One by precious one
You have wiped off my tears.
You have given me joy,
Took away my fears.

What was sad and dark,
Is now a lighter place.
With your care and great love,
You have shown me God’s

10 ways to grow spiritually during quarantine

By Fr. Chris Harris, Associate Rector

As we stay safe by staying physically distant, we can nevertheless grow closer to God and one another by gathering regularly to learn, pray and serve together.  Here are 10 ways you can use

What’s the difference between All Souls’ and All Saints’ Day?

By Nathan Costa, Assistant Director of Music & Liturgist

Don’t forget to join us for two special online services for All Souls’ on November 1: an All Souls’ Congregational Evensong service at 5 PM and