Thrive Series

Six Wednesdays, Starting October 13 | 7 – 8:30 PM | Wolgast House or Online

Regardless of life’s challenges, we believe God created us to thrive. But what does it mean? How is it different than surviving?  How does it differ from success or happiness?  And what are the practices that can help us to find the spiritual resources within ourselves to not only meet the challenges we face but to rebound and rebuild our lives…and emerge, more at peace, whole and healed, and more connected to the vibrant flow of life in God’s grace.

Join Father Bill and the rest of the clergy team for this 6-week series as we explore how we can access one of God’s great gifts to us:  THRIVE!

Want to read the Book?  

While not necessary for the series, if you’d like to read along, we will be drawing upon the book, “Post-Traumatic Thriving: The Art, Science, & Stories of Resilience” by Randall Bell PhD.

Sign Up Here: rsvpccc.org/thrive


Sunday Forums – Beginning Oct 10

Each Sunday following the 10 AM Service, the clergy will offer a preview of the Wednesday Night class. This optional forum series will serve as an additional introduction to the week’s topic for those interested. These previews will be both in-person AND live cast at www.cccathome.org   

Questions? Email Father Chris

Thrive Series: Sunday Forum

Week 1: Welcome

Week 2: Faith

Week 3: Connection

Week 4: Forgiveness

Week 5: Resilience

Week 6: Gratitude