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Moving Day with the Mirzas

By Frances Hammond

Moving day with the Mirzas was an amazing operation that speaks to the planning, expertise, strength, commitment, and love of the CCC family who miraculously acquired, delivered, and installed the necessary furniture and household goods for a

Wrapped in God’s Love

Wrapped in God’s Love: The Making of Christ Church Cranbrook Baptism Quilts

When a child is baptized at Christ Church Cranbrook, they receive numerous gifts – a baptismal cloth the priest blotted their forehead with when they are

A Note on Sacred Music Concert

By Kisma Jordan, Program Manager of The Cranbrook Project

In the last years of Duke Ellington’s life, he wrote three tremendous works that combined jazz, classical music, choral music, spirituals, gospel, blues, and dance. He called them his “sacred concerts”

What is Adult Confirmation, Reception or Reaffirmation?

By Rev. Chris Harris, Associate Rector

Confirmation, Reception, and Reaffirmation are sacramental rites offered by the church for anyone wanting to make an adult commitment (or re-commitment) to their faith. All three of these rites are offered once a

What Is Shrove Tuesday & Ash Wednesday?

By The Rev.’s Manisha Dostert and Chris Harris

Part of the Christian life is practicing the rituals of our faith. “Shrove Tuesday” is the name given to the day before Ash Wednesday, the beginning

The Cranbrook Project Hires Arts & Programming Manager!

The Cranbrook Project is a separate 501(c)3 that was established in 2016 by Christ Church Cranbrook and funded by a grant from the Erb Family Foundation to work on closing the distance between surrounding cities and suburbs as well

Update on Afghan Resettlement Efforts

In September and October, we partnered with Samaritas to build our resources as the Afghan refugees awaited security and health clearances on U.S. air bases across the world. To date, we have raised over $78,000 to support these people

Special Project Committee: Construction Update December 2021

What is our Campus Redevelopment?

Following a detailed study and survey of the needs of the congregation and our existing facilities, it was determined that our campus and program space at Christ Church Cranbrook required expansion to meet the needs

What’s Your “30-Second Gospel?”

This weekend Fr. Chris asked us to consider what the Good News of God in Christ means for each of us in our life – and then share it with someone.  (You can catch the sermon, “What

Practicing Gratitude

By Lynda Hojnacki

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the recent “Thrive” series, and particularly the segment on the role that Gratitude plays in our ability to thrive. The idea of daily thanksgivings such as a ‘Gratitude