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Do we have to? No, we get to.

By Joe LaVela


Christianity is meant to be practiced in community. Jesus did not do his ministry alone – he called the twelve – and he never sent anyone on a mission alone. 

Community makes

Prayer Shawl Ministry’s Annual Sale – Coming this December!

What does the Prayer Shawl Group knit? Well yes, our comforting Prayer Shawls.

That’s how it starts, but our knitters are artists, and we know an artist needs variety, an artist sees and dreams and creates

What Would Our Tax Preparer Say?

By Chris Harris


A mentor of mine once said, if you want to know if God is a priority in your life, check your bank account.

That’s right.  Your bank account.

Not how often

Over a Club Sandwich

By Amy Stevenson


Where have I experienced “Space for grace?” It happened over a club sandwich.

I am a part of Christ Church Cranbrook’s “Women’s Spirituality Group” – a group for women who are looking to deepen their faith, and journey

Space Within

By Linda Truxell, Stewardship Co-Chair

Space For Grace for me means space within – space to be still, to breathe deeply, to mentally relax, and allow sacred space to open up for communion with God.
Space within can be created in

Grace-filled Welcome

By Ed Burke

One of the ministries that I so enjoy participating in is the “Welcome Ambassadors.” We are the folks with the big red “Welcome!” stickers who greet people at the door, pass out bulletins and help usher folks

Creating Safe Space…for Grace

By Sandy Smith

The COVID vaccine clinics sponsored at Christ Church Cranbrook last year brought me face to face with many forms that a sanctuary, a “Space for Grace,” can take.

Remember how eagerly the world awaited an end

Why go to church?

By The Rev. Bill Danaher

Let me begin with a confession. Before the pandemic, I spent a great deal of time exploring sites where multiple communities interacted with each other. I organized conferences and collaborated with

What’s New WITH Women’s Spirituality Group

By: Linda Ban

Open-minded • Intellectually curious • Loving, inclusive women seeking to refine their faith and become closer to God

These are but a few of the words members use to describe the Women’s Spirituality Group (WSG)

What do the Golden Acorns and Wavy Red Signify?

As we look forward to Founder’s Day this coming Sunday, discover the fascinating symbolism of our Coat of Arms by checking out a part-by-part breakdown at this link: The CCC Crest Of Arms – CCC