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Pass It On

By Amy Graham


It only takes a spark

To get a fire going

And soon all those around

Can warm up in its glowing

That’s how it is with God’s love

Once you’ve

Outdoor Worship Returns Palm Sunday Weekend

By Rev. Chris Harris

We are delighted to announce that we will be offering outdoor, in-person worship services once again!  Beginning March 27/28Palm Sunday Weekend – Christ Church Cranbrook will

How Have We Adapted?

By Rev. Bill Danaher, Rector 

A part of our annual Parochial Report this year, Bishop Perry asked each church in our diocese to share how we have adapted to the pandemic while continuing to serve our

Thin Places – In the Celtic Tradition

By Karin Hoffecker

A recent sermon at Christ Church Cranbrook spoke about “Thin Places” – those times or places where the veil that separates heaven and earth becomes so thin that they seem to touch. Click here

Movie Nights: Reflections on Community

By Barry Lawler,  parishioner

What are your early memories of favorite Movie experiences? Were you sitting on the ground at a youth camp or peering over your mother’s shoulder at a drive-in movie theater? Was it your first date with

Introducing Christ Church Cranbrook’s New Theologian in Residence

It is with great joy that we announce Rev. Michael Battle, Ph.D., as the Theologian in Residence at Christ Church Cranbrook for 2021. Installed last weekend, Rev. Battle will be an exceptional addition to CCC and our discussions on

CCC Partners with First Baptist Institutional Detroit

Two Metro Detroit churches with long histories of community involvement have formed a unique partnership to provide support to already struggling Detroit neighborhoods that have also been hard hit  by the COVID-19 pandemic. Christ Church Cranbrook, located in Bloomfield

Fainting with Joy

Living out the fourfold vision in pandemic time

By Janice Lovchuk, Receptionist & Ministry Assistant

In the past several months, my 87 year old mom has received treatment in various medical centers for cancer. She has transitioned between hospitals,

Our Flower Guild is joining the Atlanta Cathedral Flower Festival… Virtually!!!

By Joe LaVela

For the last several years, Atlanta’s Cathedral of St. Philip has held an Antiques Show and Flower Festival, in which local garden clubs and churches decorate different parts of the cathedral as a charity fundraiser. 

Special Project Committee For Campus Renovation – December 2020 Report

By Mollie Proctor, Congregational Communications co-chair

In 2017 Christ Church Cranbrook began envisioning a campus redevelopment project to address a variety of needs including increased multipurpose space, additional classrooms, increased accessibility and modernized facilities.  In 2019, a successful capital campaign,