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How a “Homeless” Man’s Legacy Gift Changed My Life

By The Rev. Chris Harris

Back in the mid-2000s, I was a practicing lawyer and a newly-minted Christian. I had stumbled upon The Episcopal Church in a gay pride parade one afternoon and after giving it a try, discovered a

1,800 Lunches Served!

By: Tim Miller

This Saturday marked a full year of Saturday Sandwich Ministry events. Over the past 12 months, approximately 50 CCC parishioners have dedicated time on one Saturday a month to prepare lunches provided for the Baldwin Center, Hope

What’s on Fiyah??

By Kisma Jordan, Program Manager of the Cranbrook Project

The Cranbrook Project is a 501(c)3 funded by a generous grant from the Erb Family Foundation. Its mission is to close the distance between our cities and suburbs as well as

Did you know we do house blessings?

By Rev. Chris Harris

I was recently asked to bless the opening of a new bakery in downtown Royal Oak and it was a reminder to me that I have been meaning to write a short blog piece on

A Prayer For the Good Use of Leisure

By Rev. Chris Harris


Leave it to The Book of Common Prayer to offer us a prayerful, faithful frame for just about every aspect of life. If you have never thumbed through the back of the Episcopal prayer book (that

Exercise with Friends!

Line dancing can be lots of fun, but did you know that it is a great form of exercise too? Line dancing is a low-intensity workout that offers several health benefits such as improving balance and coordination, managing body

Summer Fun Night!

Alexandra Larson is hosting a Finding Joy event with activities that the whole family can enjoy! Of course, this is not just for families, anyone is welcome to join! From a kids’ sandbox to adult fun with draft

Reconciling Faith & Family: Karin’s Story

Pride Month is an invitation to celebrate and give thanks for the beautiful tapestry of God’s children and the endless diversity of God’s love. It is also an opportunity to reflect on the many ways we have navigated questions

Something for Singles!

Meeting and connecting with new friends is never easy — particularly now in this post-COVID age where we are still getting used to mixing and mingling again.  So why not join us for a perfect way to meet others

Finding Joy in Community

By Chris Harris

After more than two years of on-again, off-again pandemic-fueled isolation, it’s time to have some fun again – and that means gathering! As wonderful as our online offerings are, and as helpful as social media can be