CCC Vacation Bible School!

By Mother Imogen Rhodenhiser | Associate Rector

For many of us at CCC, the climax of the Program Year comes in June, when school lets out and we arrive at church on Monday morning ready for Vacation Bible School! At VBS we sing, dance, laugh, and learn about God. Our entire congregation participates in this magnificent offering. Youth and adults lead games, open up conversations, tell Bible stories and serve snacks, and children bring their love, curiosity, and energy right into the main church. Together we all hear the Good News that God loves us and is working in us here and now. 

From June 17th to June 21st we will host 100 children and 75 youth and adults for a fun and transformational week themed around “Roar! Life is Wild. God is good.” We will learn new songs, meet new people in the Bible and in real life, and tie-dye our own VBS t-shirts that we’ll proudly wear for the rest of the summer. As we go forth, we hope and trust that people will recognize Jesus in us, not just by our tie-dye but by the way we love each other.

However you support CCC’s Vacation Bible School, whether in prayer or in action, God multiplies such blessings beyond our imagining. This is a profoundly joyous and formative time for children. It is likewise life-changing for those who volunteer to serve. Without fail, VBS offers us all a deep, intergenerational experience of Meeting Jesus in all faces and all ages while Finding Joy, Sharing Beauty, and Serving Others.  


Do you want to be part of this epic adventure? 

Register and Volunteer here: http://rsvpccc.org/vbs2019

We have a wish list that has lots of material left to choose from that would help make the week even more:
VBS Amazon Wishlist: http://rsvpccc.org/vbswishlist

Any VBS questions can be directed to Kate Bell, director of
Children’s Ministries.