A Huge Thank You

When life is: unfair, scary, changes, sad, good and busy, God is GOOD! And wow, have we been BUSY! The preparation and implementation of Vacation Bible School was EPIC! Thank you God! This past week, all the work and preparation came together, and a community of people of ALL ages was created – from the littlest (an almost 4 year old – to seasoned VBS veterans) God had a perfect place for each of us.

A HUGE shout out to the people that helped make this possible (and please, forgive me if your name is not here…) I am so humbled and honored to work with so many to create this week, where all ages can go grow in their own faith. Each is a God Sighting, and I am so grateful to serve with you.

We FILLED the jeep and it’s ‘trailers’ to help Lighthouse, SOS and Micah6.

Kate Bell

The Neepers, Allen Zhang, Anais Ndione, Anke Kozeliski, Anna + Luke Charboneau, Annie Carleton, Ashely Kremhemler, Barbarose Guastello, The Brickers, The Bells, Bobbi Polk, Brenda Zemmin, Brian + Jeanne Davis, Bridget Bongiorno, Brooke Slater, Caley + Cj Pitts, Charles Vercellone, The Fosters, Charlotte Carleton, Chris Lamarche, Christie Huprich, Christina Gould, Christine  Blackwell, Christopher + Linda Ban, Christopher Wells, Cindy Lazarus, Colleen Effrick, Dani Demello-Johnson, The Gaines, Deb Havens, Denise + Rick  David, Duffy Wineman, Elizabeth Adderley, Emma + William Johnson, Eva Mitri, Gigi Harris, Heather Chen, Imogen Rhodenhiser, Jack + Samuel + Jennifer Harmon, Jackson Frenzel, Jill +Reece + Pierce Bednas, Jj Benkert, Joan Barnes, Joanne  Carter, Karen Martin, Kc Carpenter, Kellie Herdade, Kerry Malczewski, Mike, Elle And Emmie Brooks, Leigh Marciniak, Little Lambs teachers and families, Lindsey Hockman, Lisa Lawson, Logan Close, London Guilbeaux, Lynda Hojnacki, Maddie  Spada, Marc Meyers + Matt Horn, Margaret Bancroft, Mary Kroneman, Matt Jennings, Maureen Erskine, Maya Mclellan, Miles Dostert, Mimi Wirthlin, Molly Saeli, Nancy Taylor, Nathan Eckert, Ovi Crenga, Pam Bingham, Patience  Wright, Patrick Gahman, Paul Wascher, Phil + Carol Maus, Phoebe, Casey + Katy Knoer, Rae Yu, Rose Danaher, Sally Foley, Sandy Vanover, Sally Verghese, Sara Corbello, Sarah Post, Shelia Lavoie, Shelly, Damien + Zoey Lanesky, Shirley Green, Sophie + Hannah Gable, Stephanie Rose, Stephanie + Rocco Caponigro, Susan Kolarchick, Susan Lucken, Susan Donegan, Suzanne Shrady, Tempe + Dayton Kress, Tiffany Morris, Cindy White, Susan Mackenzie, Victoria Laurenzi-Jump, William Shelton, Zack Bieber, With Bonus Love For Lauren Brooks, The CCC Staff And Especially The CCC Sextons (Ian, Nick, Don, Alec And Sean).

Thank You!