Why I Volunteered for From Our Founding to Our Future

By Marc Robinson, Campaign Leadership Committee Co-chair

When Father Bill asked me to serve as a co-chair of the From Our Founding to Our Future capital campaign, I hesitated.  I would be traveling, I already serve on a couple of boards in addition to my work at General Motors, and we are expecting a grandchild. But then I reflected on what Christ Church Cranbrook has meant to me since I joined 28 years ago.  CCC priests have officiated at my wedding and baptized two of my children; they comforted me in loss, inspired me many times with their interpretations of the word of God, and have become good friends.  I have gained a fundamentally different and joyous appreciation of music and worship through singing in our wonderful choir, aided by patient directors of music and staff singers.  I have seen the difference CCC has made in the lives of our children through Sunday School, youth retreats, acolyte service, and as members of performing casts.  Elizabeth and I have been transformed along with vibrant groups of our youth on mission trips to the Dominican Republic.  I have learned and grown through lay leadership roles on Vestry, Finance, Artworks, Investment, and Outreach Committees, including 6 years as an officer during challenging times in our parish.  Perhaps most importantly, Elizabeth and I have become embedded in a great community full of love and dancing, commitment and energy, fellowship and concern for others.  How could I not respond to a call to help the Church I love?

I fully believe in this campaign.  Many parts of our facility are showing their age (of 80 years!).  Our gathering places need to be upgraded to accommodate our many parish events and programs.  We need a reception area more inviting and comforting to newcomers and those who need the help of CCC staff.  Little Lambs, Sunday School, youth, and seniors need dedicated and refreshed space.  Elizabeth and I have made a five-year commitment reflecting the impact that Christ Church Cranbrook has had on us.  It is truly a joy to be part of this collective effort that will create a legacy that will endure. 

But I have become a volunteer on this campaign because none of us can create this legacy on our own.  Like the other volunteers, I will be calling on many of you to make your own sacrificial commitment.  None of the volunteers finds it easy to ask for money.  We know that everyone has financial challenges and other causes.  Yet we ask because we believe in this Church and this community.  It is our turn to make a difference and prepare this Church for the future.  Please prayerfully consider this opportunity and the need.  Join us in this transformation!