Sacrificial Generosity for Our Future

How we are growing our community through the Capital Campaign

by Fr. Bill Danaher, Rector

Not a day goes by that I am not humbled to be your Rector. I feel so blessed to share the story of this church and to participate in the legacy of generosity started by our founders. This parish is a beacon of light that shines. It is a city on a hill. It is a wedding feast that is open to all, no matter who they are, no matter from where they come.

Giving is not a zero-sum game. We are not therefore facing the decision between, say, spending money on the church or on the wider community. Rather, giving is additive and generative. The more we give, the more others join us in giving. The more generous we are here in building our community, the more generous we become in the wider community. The projects we are hoping to achieve in From Our Founding to Our Future, like the first gift of this church, will make Christ Church Cranbrook even more generous than it is today.

Commitment Weekend

At all Services next weekend, I will invite Christ Church Cranbrook parish families to join the more than 150 donors who have already committed to the From Our Founding to Our Future capital campaign. I will ask everyone to consider pledging, over five years, a gift that is sacrificially generous.  Please give prayerful consideration to this request. Though we may not all be able to offer gifts of equal dollar amounts, we can each offer the Lord, and each other, gifts of equal sacrifice. We need and welcome all gifts, regardless of amount. It is only through the sacrificial generosity of every family at Christ Church Cranbrook that we can be truly successful.

The success of From Our Founding to Our Future campaign depends on the sacrificial generosity of all parishioners, not just a few. I invite every family at Christ Church Cranbrook to join in as we build our future together.

How to prepare for Commitment Weekend

  1. Read your campaign materials.  They explain in full detail our Vision.
  2. Pray with your family about a sacrificially generous gift over a five-year period.
  3. Be prepared to complete a pledge card next weekend.