A Happy Church – Walking and Growing in Faith

By Christa Albrecht

“It’s a happy church”, my husband said simply when we left church this morning.  Yes, it is!  With the help of our wonderful clergy, who pray with us and for us, and who teach and inspire us constantly, so many people walk in faith on a daily basis and help and teach by example how to live a Christian life.   I will never forget the time that John was scheduled to receive an aortic valve replacement, a major procedure at his age.  His daughter and husband had come from Ohio, and we all sat in the waiting room, anxious for more details about the surgery, when suddenly an angel in the form of a lay visitor from Christ Church Cranbrook came in carrying a beautiful basket over her arm and a linen covering the basket.  With a mysterious smile on her lips, she gently moved the linen back, and there was a delicious spread of blueberry muffins, marmalade, cookies, and nectarines. ready for us to eat.  Not only was the food most welcome, but the unique surprise changed the whole milieu.  It reminded me to relax and trust, since worrying would not accomplish anything. This is just one example, but we experienced many over the last 4 years—beautiful caring from the clergy and the groups where I was active, but also other people, such as the LEMS, the prayer group, lay visitors,  and more.  Yes, we have saints in our midst, and they help and inspire us to continue walking and growing in faith.