Introducing Our New Theologian in Residence!

It is with great joy that we announce noted theologian, priest, and author James Alison as our latest Theologian in Residence at Christ Church Cranbrook. Alison will join us for 6 classes including a guest visit to lead our NEW lenten book study (details below). He has studied, lived and worked in Latin America, Spain, the United States as well as his native England. James earned his doctorate in theology from the Jesuit Faculty in Belo Horizonte, Brazil in 1994 and is a systematic theologian by training. James now works as a traveling preacher, lecturer and retreat giver. He gives academic lectures, various seminars, adult catechesis courses, retreats for priests, parish groups, and Catholic and ecumenical gay and lesbian retreats. In addition, he is known for his firm but patient insistence on truthfulness in matters gay as an ordinary part of basic Christianity, and for his pastoral outreach in the same sphere. Given his expertise, Alison will be an excellent addition to upcoming events below.

Upcoming Events

Lenten Series: The Joy of Being Wrong

Thursdays | March 10 – April 7 | 7 – 8:30 PM | Church & Online

In this class, we take a Lenten journey through noted theologian, priest, and author James Alison’s groundbreaking book, “The Joy of Being Wrong: Original Sin Through Easter Eyes” (1998). Rather than seeing original sin as an inherited guilt or stain on our souls, Alison argues that our fundamental flaw as human beings has to do with the way we create scapegoats and shame people who are different from us. In the process, he provides a vision of original sin in light of the Resurrection in order to show us how forgiveness can become a pathway to transformation.

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The Exodus of Jesus: A Short Retreat on the Gospel of Luke

Register here: ccc-info.org/retreat

Wednesday, March 16 | 9 AM – 12 PM | Church & Online

Noted theologian, priest, and author James Alison reflects on themes in the Gospel of Luke that sketch the contours of  Jesus’ “departure” (Grk: exodon Luke 9:31) and journey to Jerusalem. In addition to focusing on Christ’s death and resurrection,  Alison will offer ways to see the whole scope of Luke’s gospel as an exodus journey from death to life, exclusion to inclusion,  and retribution to reconciliation. 

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Moving On: What Jesus Teaches About Scapegoats, Victims, And Exclusion

Sunday, March 20 | 11:30 AM | Church & Online

In this Sunday Forum, James Alison sheds light on how our desires lead to scapegoating behavior and violent sacrifice, and how Jesus frees us from envy and destructive behavior. Alison will bring his vast knowledge and wisdom to this talk which will be both insightful and challenging. You don’t want to miss this forum!

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The Coming Church: Resiliency And Rebirth In A Post-Covid World

Tuesday, March 15 | 7 PM | Church & Online

Join noted theologian and priest James Alison in an important conversation with an ecumenical and diverse gathering of the church leaders to discuss the hopeful trends emerging in our midst. Rather than focusing on what we have lost, these panelists will lift up what we have gained over the past two years as we prayerfully anticipate the future.

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Songs of Inclusion and Exclusion

Sunday, March 20 | 5 PM | Church & Online

James Alison joins Artist-in-Residence Joe Balistreri as he shares the intimate story of his experience of exclusion and inclusion through song, scripture, and reflections. This special evensong service will be deeply inspired and moving with the interaction between music and spoken word. What a gift to have the knowledge and talent of both Alison and Balistreri in this service.

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Grace Under Fire

Monday, March 21 | 7 PM | Zoom

Grace Under Fire: LGBTQ Christians forced from ministry positions discuss the transformative power of Grace in the journey towards faith without resentment – towards radical inclusion in the face of exclusion. Joining them in this webinar will be noted theologian, priest, and author James Alison, who has written extensively on this topic.

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