Annual Church Business

On an annual basis, we begin each calendar year with three crucial meetings: Vestry Candidate Meet & Greet, Annual Budget Review, and our Annual Parish Meeting. The Vestry Candidate Meet & Greet allows members the chance to meet the approved vestry candidates prior to voting. The Annual Budget Review is an opportunity for members to review the budget from the previous year and as our Treasurer any questions. The Annual Parish Meeting allows members the chance to review the ministries, programs, and events from the previous year, vote for five vestry candidates, and discuss any crucial matters that require participation from the parish as a whole.

Due to COVID-19, all of our Annual Church Business events will be held online this year. 

How do I know if I am eligible to vote? You must be a member in good standing and 16 years or older to cast a vote. A member in good standing is someone who financially contributes regularly either by pledging or through a regular offering and participates regularly in the worship and life of the congregation. If you have any questions about your membership status, email Gina Morgan.

  • Each person must register individually with an email.  More than one person can use the same email address.
  • You must be able to access your email during the Annual Meeting. This means while you are on a Zoom meeting, you can check your email, click on a link and follow the directions at the voting website.  You can leave the Zoom meeting and come back in if that works for you.
  • You must register by Thursday, January 21, 2021

If you have any questions about technology, email Pastor Manisha.

Important Dates

Annual Parish Meeting

Sunday, January 24 at 10 AM | Online

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We will review our ministry efforts in 2020, elect five new Vestry members, approve the annual budget, receive a report from the Rector and Wardens, and have a final affirmation of the construction project. If you have any questions about the construction project prior to the Annual Meeting, please contact Fr. Bill Danaher (Rector), Steven Huprich (Senior Warden), or Jim Goran (Junior Warden). All members in good standing over the age of 16 are eligible to vote, and are required to register if they intend to participate. 

Vestry Candidate Meet & Greet

Sunday, January 10 at 10 AM | Online

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Ahead of the Annual Meeting, take a few moments after worship and meet the individuals who are running for the Vestry. This meeting will follow our 9 AM service. Scroll down for a sneak peek of this year’s vestry candidates!

Annual Budget Review

Sunday, January 17 at 10 AM | Online

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Please join our CCC Treasurer and Gina Morgan to review the 2020 General Operating Budget.

Meet the Vestry Candidates


Occupation: Practices patent law at Darrow Mustafa

Length of Membership at CCC: 5 years

Volunteer/committee experience at CCC:

  • Sunday School volunteer
  • Hospitality Committee
  • Volunteered at funeral services
  • Advent by Candlelight planning committee


The first time I sat in a pew at Christ Church Cranbrook, I knew I was home. It wasn’t because of the grandeur of the architecture. I sincerely felt the presence of God and it reminded me of being in my grandparents’ church in Oron, a coastal town in Nigeria.

While I felt that presence in the church, I was apprehensive whether I would feel that presence in the people of the church. My apprehension was unfounded as the CCC community has become part of my American family and in the church members, I have seen the face of God.

I would be honoured to serve in any capacity at CCC. So far, I have volunteered in Sunday School, on the Hospitality Committee, for funeral services, and the Advent by Candlelight planning committee. All I can aspire for is for others to see the face of God in me as I have seen in others.

Originally from Ottawa, Canada, Enang, her husband, Obi, and four children moved to Michigan in 2015. They have been members of CCC ever since.  Enang is a computer engineer and an attorney. She is currently practicing patent law at Darrow Mustafa in Northville.

Occupation: High School Japanese Language Teacher, previously HR Manager

Length of Membership at CCC: 2.5 years

Previous Experience of Parish Leadership: Served on the Vestry of St. Elizabeth’s, Wilmington MA before relocating to Michigan and St. Stephen’s, Troy before moving to CCC.

Volunteer/committee experience at CCC:

  • Member of the Flower Guild Leadership/Board
  • Advent by Candlelight organizing committee
  • Altar Guild trainee
  • Participation with husband and children in urban farm, Micah 6, and other Youth and Outreach opportunities
  • Member of Music At CCC committee


My parents both passed away more than ten years ago now, and I lost my moral compass when they died. Now, with many obligations of my own I know that I always have the abiding love of God in all that I do. It is a great privilege for me to develop and deepen intergenerational friendships here with members of the congregation. I meet Jesus when I welcome people into my heart.

I came to CCC a year and a half ago desperate to find Joy again. After letting go of some sadness and healing from circumstances that were blocking the human connections that bring me Joy, I have been blessed to watch my children develop over that past year with the guidance of the ministers here. I love hearing my daughter sweetly sing in the Choristers and watch my other daughter as she serves with poise and grace as an acolyte.
God is nearest when I am in nature. I feel a deep responsibility to be a good steward of the gifts we have been given. Stewardship can seem like a serious, heavy weight. At the same time, with innovative and wise use, we enhance the treasures we have received. It is a great pleasure for me to be able to serve on the Flower Guild and honor God’s Creation with embellishment, then to share with visitors and parishioners.

I want to be able to serve Others with abundance. My family is in a comfortable place right now, able to pursue our passions. When we build connections with others over similarities instead of looking for differences we are building loving relationships. CCC is a diversifying congregation and I love the projects we collaborate on in and out of the church. meeting Jesus, finding Joy, sharing Beauty and serving Others

Occupation: Vice President, SAI Global

Former practicing attorney who has spent the past 20 years focused on commercial development.

Length of Membership at CCC: 15 years 

Christ Church Cranbrook Involvement:

  • Lay Reader, 2005-present
  • Sunday School Teacher, 2012-19
  • Member and Past Chair, Children & Youth Standing Committee, 2012-20
  • SOS Overnight Volunteer
  • VBS Volunteer
  • Youth Ski Trip Chaperone

What previous experience do you bring to Parish Leadership?

  • Executive Board Member, Clinton Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America, 1998-2002
  • Board Member and Past President, Oak River East Association 2 & 3, 2005-present
  • Committee Member, State Y.M.C.A. of Michigan Second Century of Camping Capital Campaign, 2007-10
  • Cub Scout Den Leader, Pack 1010, 2014-19
  • Cub Scout Pack Leader, Pack 1010, 2017-19


The birth of our first child, Jennifer, in 2005 prompted our family to join CCC. Although I am a lifelong Episcopalian, our goals were somewhat modest, but we were soon drawn into the welcoming CCC community and made friends and found a home. I have been fortunate to have been recruited and called to join a variety of ministries, and each has been uniquely rewarding following my initial trepidation that I didn’t know what I was doing. Every experience has been incredibly fulfilling in that I have come to know and serve others, learn about CCC, and walk further in my faith journey. It has been exciting to witness the growth and expansion of CCC over the past 15 years, and I believe the role and opportunity for CCC to make a difference is as great as it has ever been. I am humbled and excited to have been nominated to run for Vestry, and if fortunate enough to be selected look forward to bringing the same focus and commitment to this new role.

Occupation: Director of Front Axle &  Trailer Products | Meritor, Inc.

Length of Membership at CCC: 6 years 

Christ Church Cranbrook Involvement:

  •  CCC Sunday school
  • CCC Confirmation
  • CCC Acolyte Program
  • Member of Sunday School ministry
  • Member of Hospitality and Welcome committees

What previous experience do you bring to Parish Leadership?

As a leader at Meritor, I’ve learned a lot about working with multiple personality types as well as uniting teams in a common cause.


My husband, David and I have twin sons Mason and Liam who have grown up in the CCC Sunday school, confirmation and acolyte programs. I’ve also had the pleasure of being part of the Sunday school, hospitality and welcome committee ministries. These ministries have meant so much to me over the years. They were a way for me to get to know others when I first joined the church and more importantly a way for me to live my faith. Serving others is something I grew up watching my parents do and feel the same joy when I have the opportunity to do so.  I’m originally from Virginia but have enjoyed getting to know our adopted home state. I think the skills I have gained will help the vestry to accomplish the vision/ goals of the church and allow me to continue giving back to this wonderful community. Outside of work you will find me spending time with family, playing tennis and running.

Occupation: Vice President of Agency Services | Amerisure Insurance

Length of Membership at CCC: 22 years 

Christ Church Cranbrook Involvement:

  • Staff & Volunteer Singer with CCC Choir
  • Rector Search Committee
  • Two Music Search Committees
  • Music at Christ Church Cranbrook
  • Advent by Candlelight
  • Shrove Tuesday Dinner Chair
  • SOS (Temporary Emergency Shelter) Volunteer
  • Lay Reader

What previous experience do you bring to Parish Leadership?

  • Alumni Admissions Council, Northwestern University, since 1990
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors, BGCSM (Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan, 2021 – 2024
  • Resource Development Chair, BGCSM, 2020
  • Executive Committee Board Member, BGCSM, 2014 – 2020
  • Women’s Association, BGCSM, 2011 – 2014
  • Board Member, Seldon Trust, since 2019
  • Board President, Little Lambs Preschool at CCC, 2007 – 2008
  • Vestry Member, St. Clement Episcopal Church, 1990



As a third generation Episcopalian that was actively involved at St. Clement Church in Honolulu, Hawaii, it was God’s will that we found Christ Church Cranbrook twenty-two years ago to continue our spiritual journey. While the church’s beautiful architecture inspired our first visit, it was the tradition of the liturgy, unparalleled level of music and musicianship and welcoming congregation that solidified our decision to become members and raise our family here.  Over the years I have served in numerous roles that leveraged my leadership, musicianship and passion for the history of this church.  And yet, my inspiration stems from the example set forth by so many parishioners who selflessly give of their time, talents and treasures to ensure the perpetuation of our unique and cherished community. In the words of William Churchill, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”.  It would therefore be an honor to fulfill this belief and our fourfold vision by:

  • Meeting Jesus through continued musical worship with an outstanding choir and music director
  • Finding Joy in fellowship with so many parishioners who have become an extended family and source of comfort
  • Sharing Beauty in the magnificent traditions of the church and our inclusive worship services
  • Serving Others in our community and beyond through strategic partnerships and alliances that have allowed us to successfully grow and prosper

Occupation: Architect/Owner KMG Design PLLC

Length of Membership at CCC: 15 years 

Christ Church Cranbrook Involvement:

  • Participated in the Alpha course
  • Taught Sunday school for 5 years
  • Volunteered during Vacation Bible School
  • Annual Advent By Candlelight attendee
  • Member of the Construction Committee for the church campus renovation

What previous experience do you bring to Parish Leadership?

I am the owner of a small business; a commercial/residential architectural firm. I am very accustomed to having many balls simultaneously in the air and am trained to think creatively and project manage; always looking for the critical path. Architecture allows me to work with people from all walks of life. I enjoy the diversity and the opportunity to help others realize their dreams and improve their physical surroundings.

As a Sunday School teacher for five years at Christ Church Cranbrook, I was able to interact both with the children and adults associated with the program. I learned a bit about how the Church operates as a business entity, and was able to introduce and reinforce the love of Jesus. Understanding the parishioners, both young and old is an invaluable asset in helping the Church plan for the future.

Working with the Construction Committee has again given me another valuable perspective of the church as an organization serving the needs of many. I have also planned and successfully implemented numerous fundraising and social events in my community: Parent Palooza, an annual fundraiser for the Berkley Public Schools, Regattas and District Races for the Pontiac Yacht Club as a Board member and Commodore for six years, and community outreach projects for Boy Scout Troop 1292.


Meeting Jesus: I taught Sunday school at Christ church Cranbrook to help children meet the Jesus I know, a God who loves and wants others to love each other.

Finding Joy: Selfishly, I did this too through the children of Christ Church Cranbrook. It was always a delight to greet them as they entered the classroom and see their smiling faces as they waved to me when entering the church for communion years later.

Sharing Beauty: I believe our sanctuary was designed and built with divine intervention. The space is sacred to me. I see God in every wood carving, window, beam and painting. I am proud we, as a church, are welcoming to all to share in its beauty.

Serving Others: Years ago, I was asked by the then rector of Christ Church, “When do you feel closest to God?” I answered without hesitation, “When serving others.”


Over the years I have tried to keep that in mind, volunteering wherever and whenever I can: soup kitchens, boy scouts, schools, CCC Vacation Bible School, Sunday school, the Acolyte Program, and most recently the Construction Committee for the addition/renovation of our church campus.

Occupation: Full-time Mother and Part-time Designer and Bookkeeper

Length of Membership at CCC: Since childhood

Christ Church Cranbrook Involvement:

  • Employed as the Director of Children’s Ministries at Christ Church Cranbrook for 7 years

What previous experience do you bring to Parish Leadership?

I believe my strengths are my experience, my passion to serve God, and my organizational skills.


My name is Jessica Neeper and I currently am a full-time mother and part-time employee at my husband, Brian Neeper’s Architecture firm where I work as an interior designer and bookkeeper.  I have been at Christ Church Cranbrook since I was a child.  In the past, I have been employed as the director of children’s ministries at Christ Church Cranbrook and held that position for seven years.  Over the seven years, I became well acquainted with the inner working of the church and served under many leaders. I believe my strengths are my experience, my passion to serve God, and my organizational skills. I desire to see that Christ Church Cranbrook continues to grow as a bright light in the community for God’s glorification in all manners especially in our parish community, our outreach, and wherever God is calling us in the future.  I pray that I may serve God and this community with prayer, service, and love.

Occupation: Secondary English Teacher (Huron Valley Schools)

Length of Membership at CCC: 4 years 

Christ Church Cranbrook Involvement:

  • Children and Youth Committee.
  • Spent three years as a Sunday School volunteer
  • Involved with St. Francis Choir, as well as special events like VBS, Trunk or Treat, and Valentine’s Day play dates.
  • Participating in the online Advent Saints series
  • Attended Festival of Gifts Drive-Through

What previous experience do you bring to Parish Leadership?

My fifteen years of teaching experience (high school English) not only includes the day-to-day responsibilities of teaching, but also includes serving on several curriculum revision committees and an authentic assessment committee. I’ve acted as a class sponsor, and I am a leading fundraiser for our yearly Milford Miracles project. This year, I’m teaching entirely online, so I am also learning a great deal about building relationships from afar.

I have also spent three years working with our CCC children — preschool through fifth grade — in Sunday School.


Finding my way to CCC is one of my life’s greatest gifts. I was searching for a church home and starting to worry I’d never find one. This beautiful building drew me in, but the beautiful people inside brought me back. I am particularly grateful for the ways in which our community pours into its children. In the last four years, I’ve watched my little ones bloom under the care and guidance of gifted storyteller-teachers. Last week, my daughter told Ms. Kate (Bell) that we can “find Jesus in unexpected places.” My son knows, without a moment’s hesitation, that Jesus is always in his heart. I remain convinced that the best place to meet Jesus, find Joy, share Beauty, and serve Others is in St. Dunstan’s Chapel on a Sunday morning. There’s nothing quite like watching the kids jubilantly recite The Lord’s Prayer and hearing them sing “This Little of Mine.”

I miss those Sunday mornings. Navigating the pandemic has been difficult, but our CCC clergy and congregation keep me hopeful, connected, and engaged. I’ve taken to re-listening to weekly sermons via my phone’s podcast app, and my kids decorate cards for other CCC members. Our members and staff give generously to the Covid-19 Response Fund, reinvent beloved traditions like Advent by Candlelight and Festival of Gifts, and remain supportive of our Community Partners. I am grateful to be considered for the Vestry and would be honored to serve our church and help us continue to realize our fourfold vision.