Our final Joyous Sunday outreach drive has set a goal to provide 100 children with a brand new bicycle of their very own!  All through the month of April, we are partnering with Micah 6, a nonprofit community development organization serving Pontiac, through community gardens, youth programs and job creation.

How can you participate?

1. Not a Member?

Become a Member and sponsor a bike!

If you’ve been thinking of becoming a member of Christ Church Cranbrook, or if you haven’t renewed your membership by making a pledge, there’s never been a better time!  

Become a member of Christ Church Cranbrook with a recurring gift of $10 a week or $40 a month or more – and you will help make a child’s dream come true.

Your recurring gift will not only provide a beautiful bicycle to a child who could not otherwise afford one, but you will help to sustain ALL of the work we do, year in and year out, to offer help to those in need, and to be a church that welcomes all.

2. Already a member?

Increase your pledge and sponsor a bike!

If you are already a member of Christ Church Cranbrook, you can sponsor a bike by increasing your existing pledge by $10 a week or $40 a month or more, with a recurring gift online. 

3. One-time gift

Make a one-time gift for $200 to sponsor a bike.

4. Items of the month

Want to help more? Bring bicycle helmets, bike locks and other bike accessories to the church on April 25 from 1pm - 3pm to drop off. Wishlist button below.