Grace-Filled Political Conversations

As we all know, the division and polarization of our country has gotten so bad, that many of us will no longer talk politics with our friends or family members – or risk hurt feelings and frayed relationships. Yet as Christians, we are called to be reconcilers and peacemakers.  This election season, we are going to explore 9 practices that, with God’s grace, can transform our political conversations into something that might actually bring us closer together, rather than drive us apart.

Rest assured, this is NOT a forum series where we will talk politics, but a series on HOW we can talk politics in a way that is grace-filled and peacemaking.  How can we as Christians, regardless of our political perspectives, practice empathy, reconciliation, humility and forgiveness when engaging with those with whom we disagree?

We will be guided by two women, a Republican and a Democrat, who, guided by their faith, have spent the last 5 years doing exactly that in a joint podcast.  They share their secrets in a book they co-authored called, “I Think You’re Wrong (but I’m Listening) – A Guide to Grace-Filled Political Conversations” which we will be using as a guide (a FREE download with Amazon Prime).   They have been featured on both ends of the spectrum, on Fox News and on MSNBCand they will be personally joining us over Zoom to help kick off the series and then to help bring it to a close!!

All welcome – a great series to invite a friend or neighbor!

How to participate:

Questions?  Contact Rev. Chris Harris charris@christchurchcranbrook.org

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