As the first basic rite of Christian initiation, the baptismal font is placed near the door. This is symbolic of the entrance into the Christian life.


The font won the Gold medal of Honor for design and Craftsmanship from the Architectural League Exhibition in New York, 1928.

The Sienna marble base depicts figures representing the manifold gifts of the Holy Spirit bestowed upon Baptism: Wisdom, Understanding Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety, Courage and Justice. Courage is shown in the midst of flames while Justice is symbolized by an angel with a sword.

These were carved by Leo Friedlander of New York.

The dome-shaped cloisonné cover shows four of the major races of the world surrounded by flora and fauna most common to the continent.

This copper-gilt and enamel cover was designed and executed by Edward F. Caldwell & Co., Inc of New York under the personal supervision of Victor F. von Lossberg.

This font was a gift from Warren Scripps Booth and Alice Newcomb Booth.


The top of the lamp above the font is a crown of thorns and above the lamp is a descending dove symbolic of the Holy Spirit.


The windows on the north wall depict the baptism of Christ by John the Baptist with angels on either side.

They were made for the church at the time it was built by J. Gordon Guthrie.

Small Window

The small window on the west wall has two medallions; the lower one of the Presentation of Christ and the upper one is of the three Marys at the tomb.


The vaulted ceiling is of mosaic tile and depicts the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are represented with symbols: Wisdom – Beehive; Understanding – Lamp; Counsel  – Star; Fortitude – Oak; Piety – Cross; Knowledge – Book; and Godly Fear – Dove.

This was created by Mary Chase Stratton, founder of Pewabic Pottery in Detroit.


Stone corbels supporting the ribs of the vaulting depict a watery theme symbolic of Baptism: a seahorse, a scallop shell, the prow of a ship, eels, a whale and other creatures of the sea.