East Window

A brilliant jewel, the East Window is divided into twelve medallions depicting scenes from the life of Christ. They portray the Nativity, Jesus’ Discussion with the Doctors, Baptism, Raising the dead at Nain, Washing the Apostles’ Feet, the Last Supper, the Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, Calvary, Resurrection, Resurrection Appearances on the Road to Emmaus, the Ascension and Whitsunday of Pentecost.

Among the symbols in the tracery at the top of the window are the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and a ship with a church as its cargo.

There is an inscription along the bottom edge of the window that is hidden behind the carved wood reredos above the altar. It reads “This window is erected in the joyful remembrance of September 27, 1924, whereon Carolyn and Henry Booth were united in marriage.”

The window was designed and executed by Nicola D’Ascenzo of Philadelphia (1871-1954).

It was a gift from Henry Scripps Booth and Carolyn Farr Booth.