Church Fair offers a “slice of heaven” for our church family

by the Rev. Manisha Dostert

Our annual Church Fair is Sunday, May 21. In preparation for it, Jill Bednas and Kate Bell and the Children and Youth and Hospitality Committees have ordered hot dogs, chips, ice cream and popsicles. The bouncy house, lawn games, giant Jenga and Tic-Tac-Toe boards will arrive on Saturday night. On Sunday morning, they will set up the popcorn machine and a table for the clown who does beautiful face painting. And James West, our facilities manager, has talked to the Bloomfield Hills Fire Department to get a fire truck for all of us to climb.

Jill is calling this a “Good Old Fashioned Church Family Picnic.” I call it a slice of heaven. It’s not just because it is an idyllic scene to see children running on the church lawn while us “old folk” sit under the tent eating our ice cream sundaes and watching the clown put a big unicorn on little Mary’s face. It’s because Christ came into the world so that we may have relationships with one another. God loves the church fair. God loves it when we gather together, ask how it’s going in our lives, laugh as we play bean bag toss, share our sorrows and enjoy one another’s company. Christ took on flesh and lived among us so we may know without a doubt that relationships we have with one another matter to God.

I hope you will linger at the church fair. I hope you will speak to those you know and to those you don’t. I hope you will share your struggles and show the pictures on your smartphone to your neighbor. It’s good old fashioned relationships that God seeks for us.

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