Flower Guild produces more than just beautiful floral arrangements

by Kimberly Peterson

This coming October, Flower Guild will celebrate its 6th anniversary. In some ways, it’s difficult to imagine so much time has gone by. However, when I think about all we have done and how seamlessly we have become part of the worship experience, it seems like Flower Guild has been here always.

Originally formed as a guild, with the common interest of making the sanctuary more beautiful, we have evolved into a ministry. The creation of lovely floral arrangements remains very important, but I would say what’s even more important is the creation of supportive relationships, strong friendships, and love that each Flower Guild member enjoys.

Some of us are experienced floral designers. Most of us have never had a single class in flower arranging prior to joining the group. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to do as much or as little as she (or he!) feels up to. Several members have discovered a hidden talent and work diligently to “blossom” in their arranging. Others acknowledge they have no interest in arranging on a grand scale, but they, too, find their special place in the group.

I believe one reason we have such a terrific group is because we have a very relaxed approach. We have four leaders who are scheduled, but everyone else is welcome to show up any Saturday morning that works. In our nearly six years, I think we have had only two Saturdays when only two or three people showed up. Members love to get together, both to work with flowers and to be with each other. It’s not a chore; it is a joy.

Are you curious to learn more? You are welcome to join us any Saturday in Rooms 201/202 at around 9:30 AM.

If you are interested in a more structured introduction to Flower Guild, please give me a call 248.765.6049. If there is enough interest, I will plan a September event to introduce new members to what we do.

Prior to joining Flower Guild, I did not feel very connected to the church. Through my work in the Flower Guild, I have had the privilege to provide flowers (and therefore, comfort) for some of the most joyous and the most sorrowful occasions in people’s lives. That is a very heartwarming and special feeling. Not only do we create flower arrangements for all of the services, we also create the flower arrangements for the lay visitors to deliver to those unable to attend church. The home bound are delighted to receive not only a visit but a flower arrangement.

This group has made all the difference for me. It could make all the difference for you, too.

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