Altar Guild sets the stage for worship services

by Lisa Nemazi

In general terms, the duty of the Altar Guild is to prepare the altar with all things necessary for the celebration of each service held at Christ Church Cranbrook. This is a very important ministry; we are preparing the altar so that every service may be conducted in decency, order and beauty for the worship of our Lord.

Our work is conducted quietly before and after the services. One of the great things about being a member of Altar Guild is that we get to work with some of the “beautiful treasures” of our church. The silver and linens that we are responsible for are a delight to work with!

I joined the Altar Guild about six years ago. I was at a time in my life when I had some extra time and wanted to give back to the church. I had seen many notices in The Communicant asking for new members for the group. At that time I did not really know a whole lot about Altar Guild; I had just seen the members in action preparing for services.

I am really glad that I looked into the ministry; it has been a delightful experience to be a part of this wonderful group. Our members are all very lovely and kind people. Everyone gives as much time as they can. Our group has opportunities for general membership, and if one is interested in a leadership role, as a two-week team chair. Experienced members have the opportunity to be a member of our executive board.

Each member works approximately five two-week assignments per year.  This is primarily Saturday and Sunday mornings. We all work around our schedules and travel. Training is fun and easily completed under the guidance of our training coordinators. After the initial training, new members work alongside of experienced AG members for a period of time.

The set-up procedures are outlined for specific services. We work closely with the clergy, especially during Advent and Lent, to make sure we know exactly what will be needed for each service.

Presently, we would like to build up our group membership. We would like to encourage anyone interested to contact us. We would be happy to show you what we are all about! Individuals, mother-daughter, and spouse teams are all invited. Please give prayerful consideration to looking into Altar Guild. I know I am glad I did six years ago.

I can be reached at lnemazi@gmail.com, or 248-342-8075 if you would like more detailed information about this wonderful ministry.

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