Sunday School is amazing

By Kate Bell

Did you know that the children in preschool through third grade who come with you on Sundays, enter into a world that is rich with unique opportunities?

These opportunities offer them a chance to see God, hear God, witness God, and play with God! They hear stories, read the Bible, draw pictures, play with Godly Play materials, dance, sing and pray. Friendships are growing and faith is being nurtured.

Sunday School is so much more than a place to drop the kids off during the first portion of our worship services. (Remember, we gather at 9:45 AM in St. Dunstan’s Chapel). Sunday School is a wonder-filled place for children to build their own community of faith, create lasting friendships and to have some fun. For parents, Sunday School offers a safe and amazing place for kids to be until the Peace during worship. This time allows parents a chance to breathe (you all made it to church, right?!), to focus, reflect, recharge and grow in your own faith.

How is this possible? It’s no easy task, but with God’s amazing grace and an awesome collection of adults and older youth leaders, Sunday School is possible! These inpiduals feel a call to guide the lessons and make sure the kids are well-cared for and loved during the time together. Each is a beautiful gift to our church family! The program is a balancing act: timing, opportunities, people, space, materials, participants, schedules.

Our balance at CCC is inspired from four folds:

Meeting Jesus – These kids are FULL of Jesus’s love, looking at one in the eye, holding a hand, observing as they hear a lesson. Jesus is sitting right there with the class.

Finding Joy – The JOY in the kids as they first learn, then recite and act the Lord’s Prayer as one community makes them so proud and joyful.

Sharing Beauty – This is in everything we do. The Godly Play materials for the younger kids and the lesson and message for the older elementary kids are simply beautiful.

Serving Others – The teachers here are serving so many; not just the kids in their midst, but the families the kids come with and, therefore, our entire church and world.

I challenge you to pray and listen to what God has in His plans for YOU – maybe YOU would love to join our amazing team of Sunday School teachers. We have a few openings and are accepting applications now.

The teachers LOVE what they do, are challenged to do their best, grow in their own faith, and are excited to share this time with your children. The program year is in full planning mode. Please contact Kate Bell to be part of it or to ask questions.


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