Love Wins: A journey to affirmation

Love Wins: A journey to affirmation

By Christopher Wells, Imogen Rhodenhiser, and Michael Bartus

On Sunday, October 1, at 6:00 PM, we will inaugurate a new group, Love Wins at Christ Church Cranbrook. Love Wins is an expression of Christians on a journey to embrace the wideness of God’s love, specifically with the LGBTQIA+ community.

This journey is more than a declaration. It is a way of living into and embodying a vision of inclusion and heartfelt welcome, and an opportunity to stand beside and celebrate the many people of the LGBTQIA+ community. It is also an invitation to give voice in word and action to our lived reality that Christ Church Cranbrook welcomes everyone who comes through our doors. Our first Choral Evensong of the year affirms our LGBTQIA+ siblings in Christ and welcomes as its guest preacher Tom Nelson from Fortunate Families.

Fortunate Families serves as a resource ministry for Catholic parents of lesbian, gay and bisexual and transgender children. They promote and facilitate personal, meaningful, and respectful conversation within parishes as well as with pastors and bishops.

Tom also co-chairs a chapter of PFLAG in Manistee, MI, which supports and advocates for LGBT people and their families. He is a father of six children, the third of whom is gay. As a lifelong Catholic and part-time Episcopalian, Tom is also a charter member of Always our Children, a panel presentation for church communities relating family experiences on LGBT issues.

Along with other soaring anthems and voluntaries, the choir will sing noted LGBT composer, Craig Phillips’ The House of Faith Has Many Rooms.

The house of faith has many rooms where we have never been;
There is more space within God’s scope than we have ever seen.
We dare not limit God’s domain.

Evensong will be preceded by an organ recital at 5:30 PM by Mitchell Garcia, the newly appointed Associate Director of Music at St. Hugo in the Hills Roman Catholic Church. A reception follows Evensong at 7:00 PM, where you can learn more about future Love Wins events at CCC. Please join us as we begin this sacred journey with a powerful service of worship, affirmation, and embrace.

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