Children are the future of our community

By Kate Bell

Kids in church? It’s totally OK! Granted, as the one who coordinates Sunday School at Christ Church Cranbrook, I LOVE having the sweet children in our classrooms. (This Sunday is an exception; no class today.) However, I find myself wondering how and when the kids will find that worshiping in church can be just as amazing as their Sunday School experience. That’s why we offer the opportunity on scheduled Sundays during the program year to worship together as one big family. The kids are WELCOME in worship!

The repetition. The traditions. The words. The music. The Spirit. All of these, and more, come together to create an experience like none other. This experience, or the take away, changes as we grow. Think about your own journey. Different times in your life resound with different moments of growth. Without the experience, the growth would be less.

As we get ready to launch into Vacation Bible School (VBS) 2018 on Monday, I am looking forward to and dreaming big about the children who will participate. First I have to give major thanks to all who have prayed and contributed, and to those who are volunteering their time throughout the week. Truly, it takes a village.

Our Sunday School program is a gift to this church. The kids are asking BIG questions, growing in their faith-life and building that foundation of love, trust and joy to carry them through life’s struggles. They are curious and are known to ask for more. How great is that? God is working here!
The 25 individuals who have committed to serving in the Sunday School program are angels! Truly. The kids are blessed to have them as guides. Oftentimes, it’s the kids who end up teaching the teachers something. The world is different through a child’s eyes, and to have an opportunity to see things from their pure perspective is a treasure.

Summer Sunday School is for ages Preschool and Elementary ages. It starts at 10:00 AM in Room 201/202. This opportunity is only possible with additional support. Can you help? Visit http://cccrsvp.org/summerschool2018 for more information and to volunteer.

In August, we are excited to host a Core Godly Play training here, with our own materials and space. Registration costs are covered, and the opportunity for an adult to grow is unmeasurable. (See the ad on page 3 for more information.)

The children and youth of Christ Church Cranbrook are the future of our community, both here and in the world. By providing them a safe, genuine, and diverse place to establish roots of their own, we are creating a legacy that can change the world. I am seeking more leaders for Sunday School. I invite you to pray about it, wonder a little, and ask me, “How can I help the future?”

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