From our Founding to our Future

By The Reverend Canon Dr. William J. Danaher, Jr., Rector

I never tire telling the story of Christ Church Cranbrook’s founding. The incredible generosity of George and Ellen Booth, and the many people that have carried on their vision for giving, have made our church a beacon in Metropolitan Detroit.

Over the past four years, this founding light is shining even brighter, as we have grown at a rate that places us in a special category of churches. None of this would have been possible without each of us — parishioners, staff and clergy — giving to each other what God has given to us. Most importantly, we have become a place of grace — a place where we can be “real” about our own humanity and thereby meet a real God, who loves us infinitely.

To maintain this momentum, we stepped back last year to engage in a year-long process of strategic planning. At the center of that plan is a new vision statement that connects our founding to our future. We want to be a place where we meet Jesus, find Joy, share Beauty, and serve Others. Our goal is that each of these fourfold activities happen for each person and every program we do, as our founders and other faithful leaders have done. Our fourfold vision also helps us identify what we want to acheive in our future with God.

Our campus redevelopment plan, which has been two years in the making, represents the changes we need to make, so we can continue to link our founding to our future. We have listened to feedback given and will continue to listen as we proceed. Responding to the needs that have been identified, we are developing plans that will:

– Increase our multipurpose space
– Offer more and better classrooms for Christian education
– Provide dedicated space for our youth
– Build a learning center so people can find necessary books and resources
– Create new reception area so visitors can feel welcome and our building more secure for all who are in it
– Make our choir room and offices accessible
– Add a number of washrooms in the Narthex (back of the church)
– Increase the handicapped parking at both of our primary entrances
– Make our program area more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable
– Make our grounds safer, more inviting, prayerful, and meditative

We will accomplish all of these improvements while maximizing efficiency and affordability by working with the program center we have, so the beauty of our sanctuary remains and our mission continues. As we move forward to crystallize these plans, please know we are still looking for your feedback. We will also be speaking more about why these changes need to take place so that we can continue to be the Church our founders imagined and God has called us to be.

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