Sewing Seeds of Love

By Jill Bednas, Minister for Growth & Engagement

I’ve been feeling so proud lately to be a Michigander, with GM and Ford making ventilators.  And I’m looking at so many of you doing your small part. Our CCC parishioners are making masks and making parts for ventilator use – it’s amazing!

My days involve talking with many people through the CCC Parish wide Canvass. One day last week, a parishioner asked if anyone needed a mask? So I asked around and YES! Many people and organizations are in need of face masks.  Once the Governor mandated it, parishioners responded.  I’m blown away.  One parishioner dropped off 35 masks on my doorstep yesterday.  She has made hundreds and given them away from her porch and from the tree in her front yard.  These beautiful things are little works of art, and she asked that in return people just “pay it forward”.  She left a note asking that whoever takes one does a kind gesture of their own for another no matter how small.

Today, an email popped up from another parishioner. She reached out to let me know that has made 75 cotton masks.  This woman has been working hard at this!  I reached out for sewing advice from another parishioner who is a fabulous seamstress. Turns out, this third parishioner has made hundreds while sheltering in place. She actually bought a small sewing machine, so she could sew from her winter condo in Florida and deliver them to the local Episcopal church.  A quilter from within our congregation has been doing the same, and she sent me some patterns to pass along with a promise for more to be dropped off at church.  The Prayer Shawl Ministry has been knitting AND sewing for others.  With all of the advice, links, and resources offered, this face mask project came together in just two days!

Another parish canvas call uncovered that Michael Froehlich’s company, Elba Labs, is helping make ventilator parts.  I called him and he was very sweet about it – “it’s not about the money” he said.  Michael told me he is feeling a real sense of purpose, and mission to be making sanitary kits that are key to keeping patients from contracting pneumonia – a common side effect from being on a ventilator.  This small company right here in Troy, has made adjustments and put more safety measures in place. They made their own hand sanitizer and masks to keep the employees safe, and were able to keep their doors open and service uninterrupted for this very important mission.  They care for one another, they know their work is critical, and they know the parts they make could save lives.

Whether online or in spirit I am again reminded: “For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.” Matthew 18

If you are Sewing Seeds of Love – let us know.  What other gestures of kindness are happening around you?

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