A small thing that can help CCC in a BIG way!

By the Rev. Chris Harris, Associate Rector

Because of your generosity, Christ Church Cranbrook has funded more than $200,000 in relief efforts to help frontline workers and families hit particularly hard by the pandemic.  Next month, we will be helping to house and feed 100 homeless children and adults.  (Click here for more info.)  Your courageous generosity in a time of uncertainty, is a powerful witness to God’s love and steadfast presence — and it proves the old saying that together, it’s often the small things we do, that have the biggest impact!

So what’s one more small thing you can do today?

Set up an automatic weekly or monthly gift to Christ Church Cranbrook!

Paying your pledge through an automatic debit is simple and helps the church enormously by regularizing the cash flow that fuels or ministries during a time in which we cannot gather. You can set that up here using a debit or credit card or your checking account.  Regular giving (aka a ‘pledge’) not only helps us budget and plan for the future, it helps us to as bold as possible in our mission!  And just as importantly for you, it helps turn giving into a spiritual practice, by making it a regular commitment just like prayer and worship, which in turn builds our trust and relationship with God.

If you need help getting yours set up, email Gina Morgan, our Director of Finance.

And if an automatic debit isn’t for you, we have several other options as well:

  1. You can make a one-time gift or pledge payment online here
  2. You can make a gift of stock directly to the church and possibly take advantage of tax savings (call or email Gina for details)
  3. And of course, you can mail in your gift or pledge payment (we are still getting the mail):

Christ Church Cranbrook
470 Church Road
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
Attn:  Gina Morgan

Thank you again for the ways, big and small, you have helped Christ Church Cranbrook make an impact in the lives of our members and in the wider community.  When all of us are able to finally gather again, we will do so knowing that we used this time of being apart, to also come together for the Glory of God.

If you have any questions about giving online, making a pledge or checking your giving record, please don’t hesitate to email Gina Morgan. If you have any questions about joining the church, making a pledge or getting more involved in our ministries, email the Rev. Chris Harris.

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