Being a Patient Presence

By Robert Gaines

In life, patience is a good trait to have. Unfortunately, some people have had a hard time being patient. I think we’ve all had a moment where someone we knew, or even loved, wasn’t patient with us. Maybe we were working on something with them, and they got impatient with us and didn’t want our help anymore. Or maybe, we asked them for help, and instead of just helping, they get impatient with the way we are doing things and end up taking over the entire thing we were doing. It’s times that this that have taught me to be patient. Seeing these acts of impatience, I learned that life is a whole lot easier if we are patient.

Every year, my family has a big Christmas Eve party. We have all of our extended family over. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Second Cousins. There are people that are over 80 in the same place where there are kids not even a year old. There’s lots of food, drinks, presents, and music. It’s a great party, but planning for it, and having it at our house requires a great deal of patience for my family. Especially my mom. She has to do a lot of cooking, cleaning, and preparing to get the house ready.

Usually, during this time, everyone in my family gets really stressed, and that can lead to impatience with others, and the task they are trying to do. Everyone going crazy, except me. I usually serve as the person to cool everyone down and keep everyone, calm. Through my calm and patience, cooling everyone down, my family and I can relax, sit back, and enjoy the beautiful fruits of our Christmas party.