Discovering Faithfulness One Rideshare at a Time

By Ekanem Okeke

Thinking of the experiences that I have had, somewhat surprisingly, one event that stood out to me revolved around an Uber ride that I took.

In my sophomore year, I played basketball on one of the teams at BHHS. After practice one day, I had to order an Uber home because my dad was out of town and unable to pick me up. Once the driver arrived, I confirmed his identity and off we went. Immediately, the driver did something that I thought was strange. He turned on the radio and started playing gospel music. I was a little weirded out because I knew that I hadn’t done anything to identify myself to him as a christian. I just felt that it was weird to announce your religion to someone that you didn’t know, to expose yourself to possible critique, especially because christianity can be associated with intolerance. Regardless, I didn’t say anything, and overall, the ride was uneventful. However, thinking back on it, I thought that this small action was proof of the driver’s faithfulness. He lived his faith in that he was not afraid to call himself a christian, regardless of whoever else was in the car with him. It was evident that his faith was personal to him, as he didn’t have any bumper stickers that displayed his religious inclinations. And yet, while his faith was personal to him, it was also evident that he wasn’t ashamed of it either. In my opinion, it proved that christianity did not have to exist as an affront or statement against other religions.

As I continue in my own faith, this is something I want to do a better job considering. Being unafraid and uncompromising in your faith is difficult, but an important part of being faithful to God nonetheless.

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