Music Memory (A Poem)

By Hunter Torres

The robes
The hymn
The organ
The voices
The intervals
The soaring
The resolution

All this so ingrained
In the child that I was
And the now that I am

That through a screen
Through bytes
Through masks
Through stone
Through bones
Through dust
Through time
Through laments
Through yearning
Through doubt

Comes a Polaroid
A moment remembered

Of all the moments
All the touches
All the conversations
All the teaching
All the laughing
All the loss
All the wrongs
All the reconciliations
All the asking
All the helping
All the gifts
All the thanks
All the sweetness
All the tears
All the love
All the love
All the love
All the love
All the love!

Wrapped in this music so familiar
It’s surely etched upon my DNA

Look how we cannot stop
Will not stop
Finding ways
To be bound together
To make music together
Against all odds

To sing Alleluia
Through the years
And to sing it
And again
And again
And still
Once again

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