Thin Places – In the Celtic Tradition

By Karin Hoffecker

A recent sermon at Christ Church Cranbrook spoke about “Thin Places” – those times or places where the veil that separates heaven and earth becomes so thin that they seem to touch. Click here to watch.

The message reminded me of a poem I wrote after my son Kyle passed away. It’s part of a collection I wrote for my granddaughter so that she might know her father, but it’s also a reminder to me, that if I stay alert and open, God does indeed find ways to bring close those we have lost.  Until the day in which we are together again in endless light and life.

Thin Places

I look for you in thin places,
where the veil between
heaven and earth is tenuous.

I find you in a narrow sliver
of water and land
that meet. Where the sky
and horizon thread together.

I find you in sacred spaces,
a cement stone of breath
and blessing in the tribute garden.

Your name on the prayer
wall outside the church.

I look for you in thin places,
when sunlight floods the morning.

To know you are the light.

In loving memory of my son, Kyle

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