Afghan Refugee Fund

By Rev. William J. Danaher Jr., Rector

As many of you know, Afghanistan has been going through incredible tumult, and we have thousands of refugees coming our way. I have been working with Samaritas (www.samaritas.org), on which I sit on the board, to provide a way for us to make a difference and I’ve been asked to be the co-chair of the Afghan Rescue Network. Samaritas, a trusted partner, does senior living, foster care and adoption, addiction services, affordable housing, and refugee resettlement.

Our hope is to host 350 refugees. Most of these refugees speak English, know American culture, and many of them have advanced degrees. Our goal is to help Samaritas raise $400,000 to provide housing, employment, and support for these Afghan refugees for four months. We’ve already raised $25,000 as a congregation, but we hope to do more. I’m asking you to do three things to help this effort:

1) Please prayerfully consider making a small direct donation to our Afghan Refugee Fund by clicking here.

2) Join us. If you want to work with Samaritas or help us find housing and employment for these refugees, please click here to fill out this form.

3) Please share this message and link with your friends and associates in the wider community.

Relocating 350 people is an enormous undertaking. It will make us the largest effort to host Afghan refugees in the state. Rest assured, I will be seeking donations beyond the walls of the parish along with other members of the board. We won’t do it alone, but we can’t do it without you. All of this is a hand-up, not a handout. These are wonderful people who have served our country well. They have protected our troops and kept them safe. I believe that the least we can do is provide them with a chance to get on their feet and start a new life, so please join me in this endeavor.

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