Help us support the people of Haiti

By Rev. William J. Danaher Jr., Rector

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a brother in Christ who wanted to direct a gift of $25,000 to the people who are suffering in Haiti from the earthquake. This gift will go to food, clothing, medical supplies, and other necessities to the people of Haiti in a direct, efficient, and ethical way. My friend asked me if I knew any Haitian priests or contacts in Haiti, and I happen to know many; some are former seminary students of mine.

I am in the final bit of negotiation with a trusted partner that will make sure all of the money that comes to Haiti will go to those who need it. Just yesterday, we received an update that the government of Haiti is now protecting all shipments to the country to ensure they will not be hijacked.

While I was putting this together, somebody came forward with another $5,000 donation, so it is my hope that we, as a congregation, might come together to match this generous donation. No matter its size, your gift will make a positive impact on people who are suffering greatly. You can make a donation to our Haiti Relief Fund by clicking here.

The people of Haiti have had more struggles than most in the last decade. We’re thankful to God for opportunities like this to play even a small role in their recovery.

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