Where did we experience God?

On Sunday, a group of over 30 volunteers gathered at Crossroads of Detroit, the ONLY Sunday soup kitchen in Detroit, to make and serve food for those in need. The group fed over 350 hungry people. Along with lunch, the volunteers also made over 700 sandwiches, so that each person that came for lunch would receive two sandwiches for dinner as well!

When asked how our volunteers experienced God in their time of service, this is what they said:

  • “Today, I saw God, in all the faces from CCC, who so lovingly prepared meals for those in need. Following God’s command to feed the hungry. Thanks to Pastor Manisha, Father Bill, and Father Chris for your leadership and inspiration, as you challenge us to put God’s words into action.” – Tim Smalarz
  • “In speaking to those we serve, I got a chance to chat as I served them coffee, I just saw proud folks, some fun to chat with, some – well you know – but I love them all. So my God experience is in being reminded about others in our community but also seeing the wonderful Christ Church people – what a great group.” – John Keck
  • “I experienced God by meeting and working with two marvelous and inspiring people: Logan and Christian!” – Amy Stevenson
  • “Olga’s quietness. Al’s friendliness. Jenny’s zeal. My life. The hope in every sandwich. The guests to whom I served coffee. I found joy in everyone I saw there today. My deepest experience of God’s love is in lifting up my concern and prayers for comfort and peace for those I didn’t see and wished I had.” – Laura MacNewman
  • “Christopher and Alan Bahrke, Kettle Management Experts, and the precision green pepper chopping engineers, plus the Logistics Team that procured all of the ingredients were among the many that made the Sloppy Rob’s (thank you, Tim) yesterday. Yesterday was the sixth time for me at Crossroads. The Crossroads team made the day wonderful for all of us – guiding, helping, and doing much of the cleaning. Our Work at Crossroads is the essence of good, made possible by the loving work of everyone there, plus those behind the scenes. We are truly blessed by the joyful leadership and thoughtful guidance of Pastor Manisha, Fr. Bill, and Fr. Chris.” – Robert Carrigan
  • “Jesus said, ‘for where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them’. Jesus was certainly present today in the dedication and energy that I saw in every person. He was evident in the compassion and kindness that was present throughout the day. As volunteers completed one task, they immediately sought out other ways to be helpful. And I know I would have seen Him in the eyes of those who benefited from this ministry if I had been there longer.” – Jon Buyle
  • “Almost half of the volunteers were new to the Crossroads ministry. That is so beautiful to see folks deciding to spend their weekend serving others for the first time.” -Manisha

Click here to view more pictures. If you’re interested in more service opportunities like this or want to join us next time, contact Pastor Manisha at mdostert@christchurchcranbrook.org.

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