Haiti Earthquake Response Update

By Rev. William J. Danaher Jr., Rector

I am so grateful and blessed to give you an important update on our critical response to the suffering happening in Haiti. As I mentioned last week, I was contacted by a friend and brother in Christ who wanted to direct a gift of $25,000 to those suffering in Haiti as a result of the earthquake.

I made contact with a former student of mine, the Rev. Frederic Menelas, who is Rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Torbeck, which is located in the earthquake’s epicenter. Father Menelas was injured in the earthquake, and all of the buildings of his parish and its attached school were destroyed. Although he is recovering, he is surrounded by rubble and immeasurable human need.

After working with another former student of mine from Haiti, the Rev. Hyvenson Joseph, and some careful due diligence, we have selected Food for the Poor (www.foodforthepoor.org) as our partner. They have assured us that our donation to Haiti will go to support the St. Paul’s community. They will also be ensuring that the community in St. Paul’s will provide us with updates so that we can know the incredible impact and difference that our support will make.

On Thursday, we wired $35,000 to Food for the Poor. This larger amount reflects the incredible generosity that you have shown as a congregation. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Although we will be turning to focus on other critical work, please know that you can still contribute to the people of St. Paul’s. No matter its size, your gift will make a positive impact on people who are suffering greatly. It will also be a blessing to Father Frederic, who is an uncommonly beautiful soul and faithful priest. You can make a donation to our Haiti Relief Fund by clicking here.

The people of Haiti have had more struggles than most in the last decade. We’re thankful to God for opportunities like this to play even a small role in their recovery.

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