Prayer Shawl Ministry’s Annual Sale – Coming this December!

What does the Prayer Shawl Group knit? Well yes, our comforting Prayer Shawls.

That’s how it starts, but our knitters are artists, and we know an artist needs variety, an artist sees and dreams and creates – changes the color, seeks variety in shape, stitches, and yarn, and reinvents anything that might intrigue. So, fulfilling their own needs as artists, our knitters also delight in creating many other items besides the prayer shawls. Think of a gorgeous cable stitch sweater in baby blue, worn on a cold winter’s night, as you look out the window at the snowflakes dancing with the wind, and you wonder, “how much snow will we get this time?” 

Items for this December sale will include ladies’ and gentlemen’s fashions, scarves, headbands, clothes for babies, soft baby blankets, hats for small children, other hats, including University of Michigan and Michigan State hats and scarves for teenagers, ornaments for the Christmas tree, and more!  

Of course, when they work on these treasures, knitters also become mathematicians for they need to keep an accurate count in order to create a certain pattern, like the fragile, lace-like adorable jacket for a baby – the knitter’s mind says, knit 2, purl 4—and coming back on the next row, knit 4, purl 2, etc.  

A gift purchased at this sale is precious, no matter for whom you buy it. Besides its beauty, the items you purchase have an immense amount of love and special effort from the knitter’s part, whose yarn and other purchases were fully donated by each knitter. 

We welcome newcomers to our monthly meetings and love to teach you how to knit when needed.

Come and join us in helping Metro Detroit charity organizations by making a purchase at the annual sale on Saturday, Dec 3, and Sunday, Dec 4 after all services in the Cranbrook Room!

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