An Eye Opener

By Jon Buyle

From my first visit to Christ Church Cranbrook, I have been impressed with their multiple outreach ministries in the community. Although I love being in this magnificent church and participating in the beautiful liturgies, nothing makes me feel more like a follower of Jesus than the opportunities to serve others with critical needs. The “Space for Grace” exists not just in this renewed campus, but even more in the application of Christ’s teachings in everyday life.  

One such experience for me was the adoption of a large Afghan family by Christ Church Cranbrook. For several weeks, I picked up two members of the family who were unable to drive themselves and needed a way to get to and from work. It was an eye-opener. I learned of their losses in leaving their native country…friends, jobs, homes, and possessions. One of the men I drove even had to leave his family behind with all the uncertainty that entails. I also learned of the difficulties of adjusting to a new culture with literally nothing to build on… language, housing, medical access, worries about refugee status, schooling, and transportation. I couldn’t imagine how overwhelming that must have been for them.

But this church provided all these needs, as well as friendship and emotional support. And they were not even of our faith. But Christ doesn’t just call us to save those who are like us, but to reach out to everyone. I was never so proud as when I saw how much this church did to help this family become self-sufficient & independent members of our community. My part was small, but the role of our church community was large, extensive, and beautiful. It came from the hearts of those who served, but also from the generosity of every parishioner whose support makes ministries like this possible. And this is just one of the ministries Christ Church Cranbrook provides. I have never been so willing to make a pledge to any church, knowing it goes to such a loving, supportive, generous, and inclusive community.


We invite everyone who considers Christ Church Cranbrook your spiritual home to consider making a pledge to support our mission and ministry in 2023. For more information or to make your pledge online, click here. For questions, please get in touch with Rev. Chris Harris at charris@christchurchcranbrook.org.

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