By Linda Ban

Eight years ago, our family was in constant motion. We lived in Plymouth, went to church in Ann Arbor, and our son attended school in Bloomfield. In addition to all of the local driving, John and I both held down demanding jobs requiring extensive domestic and international travel. Our time was completely scheduled, and by the time Sunday came, we frequently were too tired to get up and go to church. The church was a good place and worked to serve, but we struggled to feel like a part of the community. Frequently, Sunday became our day to decompress and get ready for the week ahead.

One night, when it took us 4 hours to get home due to weather and traffic, we knew our extreme commuting wasn’t sustainable. Being part of a community was a primary goal, so we sold our home and bought one closer to the school to eliminate the commute. As part of the move, we began a search for a spiritual home – one that was accepting of everyone and where we would feel comfortable. 

Our first Sunday at Christ Church Cranbrook was the Festival of Gifts. The service, program, and generosity of the congregation were uplifting and joyful. We came back a second, and then a third Sunday. Week after week, the topics discussed during the sermons, the music, the Sunday School lessons, and the genuine concern – and action – by the Church to support and nurture others all contributed to our belief that we had found our place.

It is impossible to point to one specific activity or item that confirmed this thought – there are many things over the years that cemented our belief that Christ Church Cranbrook provides that space for grace. Over the years, we have been grateful to be able to provide support to many of the church’s efforts – SOS/Lighthouse, our refugee families, mission trips, the Covid relief efforts, mission trips, and vacation bible school (just to name a few). 

We are appreciative of the friends we have made, and the community that provides support to each other in terms of happiness and in times of sadness.

All of these efforts take time, effort, devotion, and money. Our family has made it a priority to pledge to Christ Church Cranbrook and support our wonderful clergy and staff, and the activities that support our community. 

Home is where we take care of each other.


We invite everyone who considers Christ Church Cranbrook your spiritual home to consider making a pledge to support our mission and ministry in 2023. For more information or to make your pledge online, click here. For questions, please get in touch with Rev. Chris Harris at charris@christchurchcranbrook.org.

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  1. Linda—you rock! Thank you for the beautiful reflection. I’m so grateful for YOU and that you made CCC your spiritual home.

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