Let Love Grow!

By Roxanne Perry

What a beautiful thought as we approach Easter and Spring in Michigan: Let Love Grow!  

I recently accepted the Coordinator position for Mission and Outreach here at Christ Church Cranbrook. At the first Committee meeting I attended, I was in awe of the quantity of service and the amazing heartfelt ways this church responds to the needs of our neighbors. I was reminded of the words of the writer of Hebrews using The Passion Translation – “Discover creative ways to encourage others and to motivate them toward acts of compassion, doing beautiful works as expressions of love.”

At Christ Church Cranbrook, our Mission and Outreach Committee takes this scripture to heart! A Committee of dedicated people, faithful to serving others also creates opportunities for you and your family to become the church outside these walls on days other than Sunday. To serve alongside our Community Partners at events that allow us to build relationships rather than just provide assistance; see the people rather than the projects; and simply love our neighbors as Christ does and witness “letting love grow!”  

Mahatma Gandhi said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

It is proven that acts of service can enhance your life in so many ways. Here are three examples:

  • Focus – Shifting your focus to the needs of others allows you to gain perspective of your own problems, often resulting in a greater appreciation for what you have and reminding you that you are not alone in your current difficulty. When you are serving others, you can forget about yourself for a moment.  
  • Usefulness –  By serving others, you feel useful and made aware of the value you bring and the purpose of life.  
  • Perspective – Serving others may open doors to solving your own problems. Whatever your problems may be, the process of adding value to someone else’s life helps you learn, adapt, and have a better chance of solving your own issues.  

Christ Church Cranbrook offers many Mission and Outreach activities. Watch the Communicant and join us this Spring and let love grow!

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