The Altar Guild: A Ministry of Beauty and Holiness

If you enjoy worship at Christ Church Cranbrook, you have probably noticed the beauty and order of the altar, the vestments, the vessels, and the linens. You may have wondered how it all comes together. The answer is the Altar Guild.

The Altar Guild are parishioners who serve God in by caring for the sanctuary and everything in it. They are often unseen and unnoticed, but their ministry is essential for the smooth flow of worship and for creating an atmosphere of reverence. They work behind the scenes to clean and polish the chalices, set up the altar for each service, store the vessels, linens, and vestments after each service, as well as observe the changing liturgical seasons.

But more than setting up and cleaning up, the Altar Guild are ministers of God’s beauty and holiness. They serve with reverence and joy, knowing that they are helping to make Christ’s presence known to those who come through our doors. Serving in the Altar Guild can be a way of deepening one’s faith and devotion. It can be a form of prayer and meditation, as one focuses on each task and its meaning. It can also be a way of learning more about the history and traditions of the Episcopal Church and its liturgy.

The Altar Guild of Christ Church Cranbrook invites you to visit the sacristy for an Open House on Saturday, April 29, after the 5 PM service or Sunday, April 30, after the 10 AM service, to see how they prepare the chancel for each service!

The Altar Guild is open to anyone. No prior experience or special skills are required. The only qualifications are a willing heart and a willingness to serve. If you are interested in joining the Altar Guild, contact Lisa Nemazi at lnemazi@gmail.com or Karen Martin at karenbroholm@yahoo.com  The Altar Guild is a vital ministry that enriches our worship experience and honors God’s glory. If you feel called to serve in this way, we invite you to join us! 

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  1. Thank you Altar Guild! I plan to attend the Open House and am particularly interested in the vestments, shawls, traditions, celebrations, etc.

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