Back-to-School Shoes

By Roxanne Perry

Growing up, I never thought about our family’s economics. Whether we were rich or poor or somewhere in between? It wasn’t until I became a mother and reflected on my childhood through adult eyes that I truly understood the challenges my mother faced. My parents divorced when my oldest brother was eight, and my youngest brother was just a baby. With a small amount of child support and a few visits from my dad each month, my mom single-handedly raised me and my five brothers.

Each year, as summer drew to a close and the back-to-school season approached, a mixture of excitement and anticipation filled the air. It was during this time that my mom, with her unwavering determination, would stretch every dollar to provide us with brand-new shoes & clothes for the upcoming school year. The prospect of getting a new pair of jeans, a dress, and that one coveted pair of shoes filled me with joy and excitement!

Looking back, I now realize the immense challenges she faced in making ends meet. She had to carefully budget and prioritize, ensuring that our basic needs were met while still trying to provide us with a sense of normalcy and the joy of new things. It was her resilience and love that allowed us to feel like we had everything we needed, even in the face of financial limitations.

Now, as I work in Mission and Outreach for our generous church and collaborate with incredible Community Partners, I am reminded of the struggles my mom weathered. The experience has fueled my passion for making a difference in the lives of others, particularly those facing similar challenges. So imagine my enthusiasm when Micah 6 invited us to partner with them to provide 600 new pairs of back-to-school shoes! After surveying their neighbors, they determined that shoes, rather than backpacks, are the greatest need. New shoes – Any size, any color, sneakers or loafers, etc. – for children from kindergarten to high school!

Micah 6, is one of our Community Partners who has outstandingly served their community in neighboring Pontiac, since 2011. They have set their hearts on tackling some of the most difficult issues, like living with an open door to allow the homeless to shower and cook food, planting huge community farms to provide fresh vegetables, and providing children’s enrichment programs. Just to name a few, and now they will add “back-to-school shoes” to their list!

The opportunity to come alongside Micah 6 and offer children the same joy and anticipation I felt growing up, and to relieve some of the financial burdens faced by families, fills my heart with gratitude and purpose. I invite you to join in supporting Micah 6 and its mission of providing 600 pair of new shoes for children as they head back to school.

Let’s make a difference, one step at a time! There are three ways for you to join us on this journey:

  • Buy a pair of shoes (any size, color, or gender, only closed-toe) and drop them at CCC or shop on Amazon: www.ccc-info.org/iotm
  • Give here, and CCC will purchase the shoes needed: www.ccc-info.org/shoes
  • Volunteer to give away the shoes on Saturday, 8/5, at Micah 6 Summer Slam – Sign-up here: www.ccc-info.org/slam

Questions? Email Roxanne Perry: rperry@christchurchcranbrook.org


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