What Exactly IS IAPS?

By Roxanne Perry

In the little over a year I’ve been part of the Christ Church Cranbrook team, I’ve been consistently amazed by the incredible programs our church is involved in. One of those programs, which I’m proud to manage, is the Institute for Advanced Pastoral Studies (IAPS).

So, what exactly is IAPS? Well, it’s a one-of-a-kind program committed to providing leadership training that’s rooted in congregations, intentionally diverse, and ecumenically driven. We’re all about building bridges across various divides, whether they’re related to race, ethnicity, religion, culture, or economics. It’s a collaborative effort led by both Christ Church Cranbrook and Hartford Memorial Baptist Church in Detroit, made possible by generous grants from both the Lilly Endowment Inc. and Trinity Wall Street. IAPS gives these two churches the opportunity to provide learning opportunities to clergy and other leaders in the area.

At the core of IAPS programming is a concept called Adaptive Leadership, stemming from the distinction between two types of work: adaptive and technical change. Adaptive change is all about shifting values, loyalties, and beliefs, while technical change focuses on organizing, creating new processes, or launching fresh programs. It’s like having two sides of a coin, each playing a unique role in bringing about positive change.

In the world of pastoral leadership, navigating the challenges that arise can often feel like a daunting obstacle course. But amidst these trials and tribulations, there are guiding lights, mentors, and figures who genuinely care about the welfare and growth of young pastors. At CCC, our Rector stands as a beacon of support with a heartfelt commitment to helping emerging spiritual leaders overcome their difficulties.

Our Rector, The Rev Dr. William Danaher, possesses a deep-rooted passion for the well-being of young pastors. His dedication extends far beyond the pulpit, reaching into the lives of those called to serve their communities. The challenges faced by budding pastors are diverse and demanding, from managing the intricacies of congregational dynamics to providing spiritual guidance during times of crisis. Father Bill Danaher, along with The Rev Charles Christian Adams (of Hartford Memorial Baptist Church), recognize the hurdles, and their commitment to the success of the pastors in their care shines brightly. They not only impart wisdom and experience but also listen with empathy, understanding the unique trials they encounter.

So, there you have it – IAPS, in a nutshell. It’s a dynamic, diverse, and life-changing journey led by two passionate and diverse churches, fueled by generous grants for the next five years!

If you’re wondering how to get involved, first up, mark your calendar for a public lecture on Friday, 9/29. We’re thrilled to have Matthew Barzun (former presidential campaign strategist and US Ambassador), the author of “The Power of Giving Away Power,” taking the stage. Trust me; it’s going to be a thought-provoking evening with remarks by the esteemed Harold Dean Trulear. You can sign up for that lecture here.

But if you’re craving even more knowledge and inspiration, don’t miss out on Saturday, 9/30, from 9 AM to 4 PM. We’re hosting “Your Potential in Giving Away Power,” featuring not only Matthew Barzun but also the brilliant minds of Beth-Sarah Wright and Harold Dean Trulear. If you’re a leader in this church, in your job, or in your community, this conference is for you. You can sign up for that conference here.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at rperry@christchurchcranbrook.org.

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