Making a Difference

By Tim Smalarz

This month we have been inviting members to reflect on the ways in which Christ Church Cranbrook helps them to Make Room for God in their life, and how that relates to their decision to make a pledge to support our mission and ministry.

The times we are living in are hectic and like many of you, my life can get so busy that it’s easy to forget to make time for what’s most important. I find if I start by making room for God first, everything else flows from there.  And for me, that starts with being a member of Christ Church Cranbrook. 

When I attended my first service, a little over four years ago, I really didn’t know what to expect. What I found was a church that was warm, welcoming and full of many wonderful people — and now four years later, it’s just as true today.  The opportunities the church offers to serve and to learn are everywhere and I am truly grateful for them.  As a Welcome Ambassador and Eucharistic Minister, I have the opportunity to serve, both in welcoming parishioners into God’s home and being part of serving communion, both of which bring me great joy. I am grateful for the clergy, each of whom, in their own unique way, challenge me to do God’s work, outside of the church’s walls. 

I am grateful for classes like Spiritual Autobiography — a series we did earlier this year over Lent. The class was an opportunity to go deep and reflect on my own spiritual journey, both the past and the present. It was a challenging experience that brought both peace and contentment into my life. I came to see how God has been at work in my life in ways I had not realized before, or took for granted.  

Another experience was coming face to face with just how many people are homeless and struggling, just to get a meal. I’m not sure I would truly understand the magnitude of this problem had it not been through my participation with our Crossroads and sandwich making ministries. 

When I was helping with the spring cleanup and planting at Sanctum House — a shelter women who have been victims of sex trafficking — I have seen tears of joy flow from those we served.  

When I helped out at the church’s booth at the Ferndale Pride Festival, I had the chance to meet people who had lost faith in Christianity, and describe to them how welcoming and affirming we are.  And I have never been more proud of this church, when we had our first ever Pride Service, this past summer. 

By participating in just some of the many opportunities to serve and learn at Christ Church Cranbrook, I have grown in my relationship with God, in my willingness to trust God, and I have made many friendships for which I’m blessed and grateful for. Especially, the past few years, when I have experienced a couple of difficult times — you all have been there for me again and again!   

Why do I pledge? 

For all the reasons I just described and many more!  When I think about my pledge, I can’t help but think about the many ways this church has made a difference in my life while making a difference in the life of others. That’s why I pledge!  I know that these opportunities are only available because of our giving and I want to make sure they will be there for everyone who walks through our doors. Will you please join me in making a generous pledge to Christ Church Cranbrook?  

Make your pledge online today and join a community of faith that makes room for God, while making a difference in the world!  Want to share your story?  Email Fr. Chris at charris@christchurchcranbrook.org

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  1. You and Jon were the first people we met at church! Thank you for all of your hardwork you set a good example of generosity in action!

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