The Gift of Time

By Betsy LaVela

This month we have been inviting members to reflect on the ways in which Christ Church Cranbrook helps them to Make Room for God in their life, and how that relates to their decision to make a pledge to support our mission and ministry.


Other than life itself and the basic resources we need to survive, one of the most precious gifts God has given us is our time. How we invest that time indicates to God what we prioritize. Joe and I serve others generously with God’s time. Worship has become a daily part of our routine and most mornings you’ll find us on Zoom worshiping with others in Morning Prayer. Adding Morning Prayer to our daily routine wasn’t as much of a struggle as I anticipated. I find that it helps me as I talk to God throughout the day. Many of the canticles in our daily prayer sessions are ones I learned to sing from my  many years singing in church  choirs. During my formative years, Morning Prayer services  were offered three Sundays a month, so  in some respects Morning Prayer offers the feeling of home. 


On Sundays,my husband Joe tends to be up front, but you will find me serving in the Children’s ministry. There we are sharing sacred stories, making them relevant to young lives, and cheering them on as they grow in their understanding  and love of our triune God. During the week, we are also on the presenting team for The Gospel This Week Bible study (for adults) and I serve as the music missionary to our preschool (Little Lambs) as well as on the vestry (which is somewhat akin to the board of directors). But you will also find us taking seminary level courses and tutoring others pursuing their GED on Zoom. There’s never a moment when we are not in the business  of serving others with God’s gift of time.  


Like former generations in our family,  we set aside funds up front each year in thanksgiving for this our church community to support our church’s many ministries and to maintain our campus. We consider this a portion of what we give back to God  because of the time and talents we also  donate. We have been blessed mightily through our involvement at CCC. In fact, every day, we are reminded that we would not be living in such a lovely home if we had not connected with the Jensens at CCC — who helped us get over some major humps in our remodel!  God has come through for us  in our times of greatest need and we are so thankful to be immensely blessed through our involvement in the ministries of CCC.


Make your pledge online today and join a community of faith that makes room for God, while making a difference in the world!  Want to share your story?  Email Fr. Chris at charris@christchurchcranbrook.org

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  1. Thank you for making me feel welcomed and supported at morning prayer and church. I am grateful to know both of you!

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