Having just celebrated our first 90 years of ministry, we have much to be thankful for as we reflect on the unique role this church plays in our community and region. This campaign is an exciting moment for us to come together once more to ensure that Christ Church Cranbrook will be stronger than ever for the next 90 years and beyond. Expanding and modernizing our campus will strengthen our core mission and rich traditions while opening up our facilities to reach more people, build new relationships and create new opportunities for meeting Jesus, finding Joy, sharing Beauty, and serving Others.


Currently, the parking area outside of our South Entrance has only four spaces for accessible parking for all. In addition, cars must back up in order to exit the parking area. The new entrance will feature a circular parking area with up to fifteen spaces for accessible parking. This will make it safer and easier for people with mobility issues to enter the church through the South Entrance, which is the entrance closest to our elevator. We will also install a walkway so that parents and children can enter our early childhood learning center without crossing behind cars that are backing up.

New, renovated, and accessible restrooms in the back of the church will enable participants in our many worship services and community events to have access to a restroom without having to walk long distances. We will be increasing the numbers of stalls from 1 to 3 with this campaign.

Currently, we experience incredible fluctuations in humidity in the winter months, which puts our organ out of tune and imperils our wonderful artwork in the church. To ensure that our organ stays operable and our artworks safe, we need to install humidification controls that, along with our air circulating system, will keep our church comfortable and stable year round.


Our current Hospitality Center can only comfortably accommodate 100 people. Last year, 33,227 people attended our religious services or attended one of courses, which an average weekly attendance of 627 people a week. By opening walkways between the Hospitality Center and the newly enclosed Atrium, we will create a combined space that will be able to accommodate the growing number of people who are using our facilities. Our renovated Hospitality Center will increase our capacity to more than 200 people to fit comfortably in the round for our many events involving food and fellowship.

Our Atrium is beautiful, but little used. In the summer it is too hot. In the winter, it is too cold. By building a glass roof above the Atrium and creating walkways on either side, we will be able to create a focal point for the program center as well as a beautiful, energy efficient space we can use throughout the year.


Our Sunday School classrooms are spread throughout the church, with some three stories below our worship space. This makes it difficult for our children and their teachers to access their classrooms and complete a lesson before rejoining worship. Closer classrooms on the third floor, with more natural light will make teaching and learning easier and more enjoyable.

Currently, we have no dedicated space for our youth to learn, meet, relax, and enjoy each other’s company. A dedicated youth room on the third floor, with a coffee bar, comfortable tables, and chairs will help us build on the growth we are currently experiencing in our middle school and high school youth groups.

Although we have several options for small classes and meetings (up to 15 participants) and larger gathering spaces (up to 150), we have only one room in which we can gather groups of 20-40 people. To help meet this growing need, we will add two rooms with partitions on the second and third floors to accommodate groups of these sizes, so our Vestry meetings and 12-step support groups can take place in a warm and inviting space.

In the area to the east of the Atrium, there are classrooms that are fully dedicated to our early childhood learning center. We are moving these to our renovated First Floor and opening up this space to create an additional large area that will be linked to the Hospitality Center through the Atrium.


We need to create a dedicated entrance to the church offices as well as to a dedicated entrance to our early childhood education center through our South door. This will ensure that our visitors find their way easily to our offices, and our children find their way easily and safely to their classrooms. In our new configuration, on weekdays, our South entrance will be the primary way we accept deliveries.

We currently do not have dedicated space for visitors and parishioners to check in when they enter our offices. The temporary desk we have set up in the Guild Hall has demonstrated the need for us to find a permanent space for people to enter, be welcomed, get settled, and become familiar with the people we have in our busy, growing church. Building a dedicated reception area would also allow us to return to using the Guild Hall for receptions during the week.

Our offices are in desperate need of updating. The outside windows are inefficient and in ill-repair. The offices are cramped and spread out throughout the program building for our 20 clergy and staff. The necessary face-to-face interactions become challenging when we collaborate on our many programs and ministries. New offices will enable our clergy and staff to work more collaboratively and productively in space that is efficient and adequate. Also, we need space that is better laid out so that private and confidential conversations can take place when pastorally needed.


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