Previous Programming at Institute for Advanced Pastoral Studies

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2019 Annual Conference

Leading the Beloved Community

Thriving pastors not only bring people in, they send people out. They work with other Christian leaders to lead positive social change in their community. They work on their personal character and spiritual development. They move sensitively and act catalytically within their context.They build networks of clergy who can challenge, comfort and provide them with collegial support.

In Metro Detroit, these leadership challenges are intensified. Christian pastors must also develop the knowledge, experience, and skills to work collaboratively in a changing and diverse religious and civic landscape.

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Guest Presenters
Dr. Christena Cleveland (Associate Professor, Duke Divinity School)
The Rev. Dr. Gregory Jones (Dean, Duke Divinity School)
• The Rev. Dr. Jonathan Walton (Professor & Minister, Memorial Church of Harvard)

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2019 Summer Leadership Institute

Location: Chicago

The summer seminar offers the unique opportunity for Detroit-based pastors to grow spiritually, hone their leadership skills, and meet with nationally recognized church leaders who are catalytic difference makers in Chicago.  As part of a year-long program, the seminar will provide participants with the tools they need to develop their leadership skills as persons, pastors, and change-agents.

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Guest Presenters
The Right Rev. Robert C. Wright (Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta)
• The Rev. Dr. Myron F. McCoy (Senior Pastor, First United Methodist Church)
• The Rt. Rev. Jeffrey D. Lee (Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Chicago)
The Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III (Senior Pastor, Trinity United Church of Christ)
• The Rev. Dr. Michael Louis Pfleger (Associate Professor, Duke Divinity School)

2020 Annual Conference (Zoom Webinar)

Race, Inequality, and COVID-19

Join us as we interview essayist Charles Blow of the New York Times and convene a panel of key African American leaders and pastors to reflect on what concrete steps churches and communities must take to address the racial disparities and inequities revealed by the COVID19 pandemic.

Charles Blow has been among the leading voices regarding the intersectionality of race, poverty, and pandemic in places like Detroit. He is joined by prominent African American religious leaders in Detroit to reflect on what the Black Church and other Religious leaders can do moving forward.

Additional panelists include:

This webinar is presented by the Institute for Advanced Pastoral Studies, Christ Church Cranbrook, and Hartford Memorial Baptist Church.