Sponsor a Bike!

By Rev. Chris Harris, Associate Rector 

Become a Member & Sponsor a Bike!

If you have been thinking about becoming a member of Christ Church Cranbrook, there has never been a better time! Thanks to our partnership with Micah 6, a nonprofit community development organization serving Pontiac, when you become a member of Christ Church Cranbrook with a recurring gift of $10/week or $40/month or more, you will not only help empower ALL of the life-giving ministry we do here day in and day out, but you will help make a dream come true for a family unable to afford a bike of their own!

$10 a week (or more) can also change your life!

That’s right.  For LESS than many of us spend on Starbucks each week, you can feel a part of this church in a way you never have before while turning your giving into a spiritual practice!  How’s that?  Just like daily prayer or weekly worship, giving in a regular, recurring way, not only helps others, but it can help you to feel more connected and committed to your faith community and to God – and THAT will have a profound and positive impact on your life.  

Trust me, when my own giving went from sporadic to regular, and when it went from an amount I didn’t miss to an amount I actually had to budget around, I discovered what Jesus meant when he said, ‘where your treasure is, your heart will be also.”  The spiritual practice of giving regularly, helped me to feel like I belonged!  It helped me feel like I was a real partner in our faith community, rather than a spectator.  Was scary at first?  Absolutely!  Commitment always is, isn’t it?  But like any relationship, it’s how we grow.  And I never looked back.  

Give it a try.  Take a leap of faith, and let me know if you too see a change in your life for the better.

Click here to get started and select “Give Multiple Times!”

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