Give to our capital campaign

At this turning point, we have the opportunity to pass on the blessings we have received through this wonderful parish. Just as God blessed our founders with the ability to give generously, so we have been blessed to give what we can. Your gift to the From Our Founding to Our Future campaign is a chance to participate in the generosity that God has shown you in your life and through this church. It is an opportunity to pass on the blessing you have received, so that you become God’s blessing to others and to future generations.

We understand that every family’s financial situation is different. From Our Founding to Our Future will ask all our parishioners to prayerfully consider sacri­ficial gifts and pledges over a fi­ve-year period. The participation of everyone in our parish family is crucial, because with a goal such as ours, every gift counts and each gift matters.  Gifts and pledges to From Our Founding to Our Future may be paid over a fi­ve-year period, in order to allow everyone in our parish family to participate as fully as possible, while being flexible to individual circumstances.

Ways you can give


Pledges payable over fi­ve years allow donors to consider more substantial commitments than are possible with one-time cash gifts. Donors who pledge may determine payment schedules to meet their own charitable or tax needs. Payments can be made by check, credit card, or electronic fund transfer.

Matching Gifts

If your company has a matching gift program, you may be able to enhance the impact of your gift by requesting a matching gift form from your company and including it with your pledge card.

Stocks & Securities

Gifts of stock to the campaign can be a source of significant tax benefi­t to the donor by eliminating capital gains taxes. Any gift of stock will be sold as soon as it is received, and the value of the gift will be determined at the time of transfer.

All gifts to the From Our Founding to Our Future campaign are tax deductible to the fullest extent provided by law. For legal and tax advice, donors are asked to contact their attorneys, accountants, or financial advisors. For more information or questions on how to make a pledge, please contact Gina Morgan, Director of Finance and Administration: (248) 644-5210 x11, or


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