Our Discernment Process

Having celebrated the 90th anniversary of our parish’s founding in 2018, we find ourselves again at a turning point. Those who came before us sacrificed to make our spiritual home today a place of worship, education, and welcome. Our program center has served us faithfully since it was built in 1938, but it is in urgent need of renovation and expansion. Today, we are being faced with a similar call for sacrificial giving, for we, too, have been called to  prepare for the future while addressing our current needs.

In 2017, Christ Church Cranbrook embarked on a bold strategic planning process that has shaped our ambitious vision to enhance and expand our campus so we can better fulfill our overarching vision of meeting Jesus, finding Joy, sharing Beauty and serving Others. Over the course of two years, a series of meetings, listening sessions, and surveys were conducted in order to give everyone a voice in the process. The feedback we received from these meetings and surveys was vital in determining what changes needed to be made to our church campus. This past winter, after conducting a planning and feasibility study, the Vestry approved the decision to move forward with a campaign that will further our mission as a church, by:

  • Improving our program center in order to build community and encourage engagement
  • Increasing security, ensuring safety and accessibility for all those who use our space, whether young or old
  • Creating space so our youth could have a dedicated room, making our children and youth ministry more effective and supportive
  • Making our church more welcoming
  • Increasing our capacity for life-transforming ministries

Visioning our Future



Learn how the new multi-purpose space will help the children and youth of our parish, along with our early childhood education program, grow through Sunday School and other programming opportunities.


Gathering & Fellowship

The new spaces within our church will help us deepen our faith and fellowship communities. Watch the video to learn how.


Inclusion & Accessibility

Inclusion and Accessibility are challenges that all organizations face. Learn how we are overcoming these changes through this capital campaign.


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